Azmach and Zemecha by Sentayehu Gebregiorgis


You want to live and use your God-given potential to succeed in life, governments (“Azmach”) interfere and make things difficult for you. They send you to “Zemecha” for their political end. They burden you with their ideology and political strategies: ethnicity, fear tactics, and pressure you on the essential values that you care and preserve (families, private properties, religion, and traditions) to keep your head down.  They don’t stop at that. They instigate ethnic hate and make other people see you as alien in your place. Your neighbors take you as an “alien” and develop an attitude to give “The alien away in times of need” to save “one of their culprits.” You are left to die by mobs. Being called alien and killed in your homeland frustrates you and need help from the government and parties to restore the rule of law. There are Constitution and Laws, but no rule of law.  Governments and parties are always in vanity fair intoxicating themselves with power lust and dreaming only about their politics. Citizens always float in a wrecked ship where the tide of the political sea is strong with little hope of calm. You plan to immigrate where there are peace and the rule of law and use your potential to advance your life. All places you immigrate also have weights of their own. You don’t expect to not be an “alien” in a place you are new. Shocks from displacement, the difficulty of integration with the society different from you (because of color, wealth, and traditions), various political and business cultures distinct from your experience, all create lags on you.

The dreams that the young generation have and the systems that governments and opposition parties follow, in general, contradict. The old and the new never agree. Governments and parties never learn from history but always create denials. They feed and live on contradictions. Where does this end?


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