Clan Chisholm and their Fight for Freedom by Pancho Flores Howe


       Pancho is fluent in English, Spanish and French.  He is an avid history buff and is happy walking through castles and historic battlefields.  He also loves to be with people especially little ones who are short like him.  He has an extraordinary spirit full of an empathic love gained from life experience.
       Pancho’s start in life was very hard. He was born in the worst puppy mill ever known to animal advocates.  The mill had horrific conditions (no water, food or proper sanitation). The puppy mill was eventually shut down, but not soon enough to help Pancho.
       Pancho was taken from his Dog Mother at seven weeks and shipped, in an overly hot truck with no food or water, from Missouri to Maryland where he was put in a cage by himself in a pet store, left alone and scared for several weeks. He was eventually purchased by wonderful people.  However, when this beloved family could no longer care for him, he was rescued by his current family at age 4.
       His loving spirit, strength and winning personality captured the love and devotion of his new large extended family of cousins, aunts, uncles and friends.  He enjoys his new life very, very much.
       Pancho occasionally attends the Presbyterian Church coffee hour in honor of his ancestors who were covenanters and is Chair dog of the annual Blessing of the Animals at the Church.
       Pancho’s passion is walking, eating, sleeping and supporting the Humane Rescue Alliance (HRA).  HRA is an organization that rescues abused animals and helps animals and the people who love them, by providing shelter, free medical care and free food when there is a need.  Pancho advocates for rescue because it saved him and many of his friends.     



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