Children & Teens Books of the Week

New in Paperback
The Leprechaun Under the Bed Cover Image
By Teresa Bateman, Paul Meisel (Illustrator)
ISBN: 9780823441815
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Published: Holiday House - January 15th, 2019

Banshees, gold and fairy magic are all at play in this inviting Irish tale. When unsuspecting farmer Sean McDonald discovers The Leprechaun Under The Bed (Holiday House, $7.99) it takes more than conjured ghosts to scare him away from his new home. Sean learns that sharing and compassion are the keys to befriending a mischievous leprechaun and soon both solitary figures grow to depend on each other especially when trouble comes their way! You can hear a lovely lilt in Teresa Bateman’s storytelling and Paul Meisel’s expressive illustrations make it a winning combination. Ages 4-8. Heidi Ashton Yoon

Blast from the Past
The Irish Cinderlad Cover Image
By Shirley Climo, Loretta Krupinski (Illustrator)
ISBN: 9780064435772
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Published: HarperCollins - January 26th, 2000

Becan is a shy boy whose only concern is his absurdly large feet. When his widowed father remarries, Becan finds himself with a stepmother and two stepsisters, all of whom would rather he did not exist. To get rid of him, his stepmother sends him to work in the fields as a herd boy. There, he meets a magical bull, who gives him the power to battle a giant, slay a dragon, and rescue a princess. Before the princess gets a chance to thank Becan, he disappears, leaving only one boot behind. The princess declares she will only marry the owner of the boot, and a search for Becan begins. Folklorist and author Shirley Climo and illustrator Loretta Krupinski offer a different take on the age-old Cinderella tale in The Irish Cinderlad (HarperCollins, $6.99), which overflows with courage, danger, and offers a satisfying example of good triumphing over evil. Ages 5-10. Colette Whitney

YA Pick
The Turning Cover Image
ISBN: 9780062657954
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Published: Greenwillow Books - July 24th, 2018

Aran has never met anyone like himself—half-human, half-selkie. He lives with his mother and her clan, who can slip into smooth sealskins whenever they wish, swimming far and fast. But Aran was born with human-looking “longlimbs” instead of a removable pelt, and must be left behind during more exciting ocean journeys. He has spent his whole life waiting for The Turning (HarperCollins, $16.99)—the moment in which his sealskin will appear on the beach, enabling him to fully join his family. But after eleven years, it has not happened. Aran and his mother come up with an unprecedented plan that might finally trigger the transformation—he must spend two months on land, interacting with humans for the first time. Emily Whitman captures the visceral beauty of land and sea in vivid sensory detail. Readers will be swept away by a bold adventure story that explores themes of faith, freedom, and family history. Ages 11-16. Elli Bloomberg