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There are probably scores of books about women’s anger, but few identify themselves as such—which makes Soraya Chemaly’s brilliant, comprehensive, dead-on study, Rage Becomes Her (Atria, $27), essential and long overdue. First off, what do angry women look like? To men, they might look hysterical, out of control, childish. Knowing this, women disguise anger as sadness, frustration, disappointment—anything but anger. And soon enough that repressed rage becomes depression, anxiety, self-doubt, and eating disorders. It turns from what it is for men—an expression of power—to a pathology, a cause of shame, and a learned helplessness. Women’s anger has been so devalued, Chemaly shows, that it seldom comes up in debates about gender gaps. When women learn about anger, what they learn isn’t how to express it productively and appropriately—though they’re sometimes allowed to be angry on someone else’s behalf--they’re taught to be quiet and deferential, and anger simply isn’t deferential. “If men understood how angry the women around them are, they’d be speechless,” Chemaly says. And in case they’d prefer to think of these stories of bullies, mansplainers, stalkers, dismissive doctors, etc., as being all in women’s minds, Chemaly cites study after study, statistic after statistic.

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ISBN: 9781501189555
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Published: Atria Books - September 11th, 2018

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I’ve anticipated the release of Well-Read Black Girl: Finding Our Stories, Discovering Ourselves (Ballantine, $20) by Glory Edim. Edim is the creator of the popular New York Book Club that goes by the same name. This anthology is a collection of essays where black women authors are placed together in one book to express when, where, and how they first saw themselves represented in literature. In many comparable anthologies where influential books are discussed, black women and other women of color are rarely mentioned or are left off the list. Edim stays true to her mission and keeps black women at the center of the conversation. Not only was I introduced to new black women authors, I was also able to get a glimpse into the literary lives of some of my favorite writers, such as, Jesmyn Ward, Tayari Jones, and Nicole Y. Dennis-Benn. I’m sure this will make a great holiday gift for the book lover in your life looking to explore more authors and new perspectives on reading.

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ISBN: 9780525619772
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Published: Ballantine Books - October 30th, 2018

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This multigenerational story focuses on three generations of family members that come from the first black doctor in Louisiana. We are introduced to Evelyn, her daughter Jaclyn, and Jaclyn’s son, T.C. who all have to find their own kind of freedom. Much changes over the years while other things stay much the same. Some of the topics brought up in this novel include class, colorism, and the toll drugs and addiction can take on one family.  

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ISBN: 9781640091030
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Published: Counterpoint LLC - August 14th, 2018