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What makes a great leader? In Supreme Command, Cohen examines this question by studying four of the most influential and effective civilian leaders of all time: Abraham Lincoln of the US, Georges Clemenceau of France, Winston Churchill of Great Britain, and David Ben-Gurion of Israel. Cohen’s case studies offer a glimpse into the best cases of when “civil” came first in civil-military relations. Not only does Supreme Command give us new insights into well-known Western leaders like Lincoln and Churchill, but Cohen sketches telling portraits of leaders that deserve more attention, like Clemenceau and Ben-Gurion. A unique combination of biography and civil-military relations.

Supreme Command: Soldiers, Statesmen, and Leadership in Wartime Cover Image
ISBN: 9781400034048
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Published: Anchor - September 9th, 2003

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In Bloodlands, Timothy Snyder argues that the Holocaust is just one part of a larger tragedy: that of the deaths of 14 million--not one a result of combat--in the vast area between Berlin and Moscow. Snyder not only provides an excellent account of World War II on the Eastern front but illuminates the humanity in the countless lives lost due to Hitler’s and Stalin’s cruel policies. Snyder asks each of us not just to condemn but to understand the motivations behind these14 million deaths--so that we make sure we neither forget nor repeat these horrors.

Bloodlands: Europe Between Hitler and Stalin Cover Image
ISBN: 9780465031474
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Published: Basic Books - October 2nd, 2012

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David Sedaris hardly needs another endorsement, but it’s impossible not to praise his new book, Calypso. The tales range from lamentations about the election—refreshing recollections, despite all the other post-election literature —to surprisingly moving passages about his deceased sister. Sedaris will have you both laughing and crying throughout this book, and, more often than not, within the same essay. In fact, the best way to heal—as Sedaris proves again and again—is through introspection and laughter. One warning: only read on the Metro if you are comfortable laughing maniacally in front of strangers.

Calypso Cover Image
ISBN: 9780316392389
Availability: In Stock—Click for Locations
Published: Little, Brown and Company - May 29th, 2018

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