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The brilliance of Russell’s fiction starts in her sentences and carries through her mind-bending plots. As the title suggests, these stories are colorful and wide-ranging: “the revelatory pain called wonder” is “a purple welt rising” in the mind. The boldest move of this constantly surprising writer is to create characters that are neither quite dead nor exactly alive. Miners buried in an avalanche mesmerize two women with their liquor, dancing, and gold eyes. A fifteen-year old learns the complexities of love by falling for a woman preserved in a bog for two millennia. These pieces expand notions of connection and isolation, putting existence itself in a new perspective—much as climate change is doing. “The Bad Graft” dramatizes the shared plight of all earthly creatures, following the intertwined fates of a woman and the spirit of the Joshua tree that embeds itself in her psyche. In “The Gondoliers” four sisters who live in the toxic waters of New Florida navigate by listening to the echoes of the drowned Old Florida, responding to the “vibrations” that link past to future and sustain the present. “The Tornado Auction” follows the sorry fate of an old-school tornado rancher who can’t transition to farming wind, though his compulsion harms his children. And in the multi-layered “Black Corfu,” Russell chronicles the life of a “posthumous surgeon” who renders the recently dead unfit to walk again. Though set in 1620, this story is very much of the 21st century as it traces a wildfire of unfounded rumor that ruins a man’s life. In addition to everything else—her language, compassion, and storytelling brio—Russell is a superb allegorist, and these eight tales don’t just entertain, they illuminate again and again.

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ISBN: 9780525656135
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Published: Knopf - May 14th, 2019

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Rich’s heartbreaking book is the story of a window opening and closing. It covers the decade between 1979, when the EPA published a report on the effects of carbon emissions, and 1989, when world leaders meeting in Noordwijk failed to sign a binding global resolution to stabilize those emissions. But what might have been an exercise in outrage or a dry account of meetings, hearings, debates, and reports is a gracefully written narrative that lets us get to know the key figures involved and that offers real insights into why we’ve failed to summon the political will to act in a coordinated, meaningful way on a deadly serious issue. And there are surprises: petroleum companies haven’t always been deniers. Initially, they accepted the science of climate change and, understanding that “the longer the industry waited to act the worse it would go for them,” were ready to change.  So what happened? It’s tempting to blame Reagan, George H.W. Bush, and John Sununu. But as Rich shows, if it was so easy for other government leaders to back down in the face of America’s reservations, they were never fully committed in the first place. Unlike a local environmental crisis or even the catchily phrased “ozone hole,” the future is large and abstract and we won’t be there to see what it’s really like.

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Published: MCD - April 9th, 2019

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Readers already attuned to the pleasures of walking will find Kagge’s brief and graceful book a pure delight. For others, the evocations of walking’s power to slow time, clear the mind, and show us the world in detail may be revelatory. Citing Sanskrit, the wisdom of Inuit traditions, and Hippocrates, Kagge shows that we haven’t evolved in order to walk, but that “the ability to walk…invented us.” It’s made us curious and sent us out to explore the world, as Kagge has done by walking to both poles; but as he shows in his fine and eloquent accounts of everyday walks around Oslo, walking is a profoundly meaningful experience wherever it happens—and in today’s rushing world, it’s also a radical act.

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By Erling Kagge, Becky L. Crook (Translated by)
ISBN: 9781524747848
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Published: Pantheon - April 23rd, 2019