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I myself am squarely in the camp of people who probably don't need to buy another book about trees as long as I live, but whether you're in that camp with me, or could stand to learn the first thing about distinguishing an oak from a maple, Around the World in 80 Trees is exceptional in every sense of the word. Divided by continent, you’ll find a fascinating introduction to each species accompanied by in situ watercolor illustrations as captivating as any children’s picture book, as scientifically attentive as any field guide. 

Around the World in 80 Trees Cover Image
By Jonathan Drori, Lucille Clerc (Illustrator)
ISBN: 9781786271617
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Published: Laurence King Publishing - May 29th, 2018

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I have rifled through every bread book we carry, and many, many more besides. Many are informative, many have eminent authors, many are utterly daunting, and Sarah Owens’ Sourdough has my heart. Her previous day job as rose gardener of the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens assures 1) an amateur-friendly approach absolutely compatible with real life schedules and 2) gardening is crucial to her approach. Recipes include, yes, stunning breads, but also sourdough pastries, and cakes that circle the seasons with uncanny herb pairings, seasonal fruit, and a stunning array of savory options.

Sourdough: Recipes for Rustic Fermented Breads, Sweets, Savories, and More Cover Image
By Sarah Owens, Ngoc Minh Ngo (Photographs by)
ISBN: 9781611802382
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Published: Roost Books - November 3rd, 2015

Staff Pick

Langlands’ tenacious curiosity about the Old Ways gains eloquence and momentum in Craeft a deft, engaging meditation on utterly misunderstood but once critical pursuits such as haymaking, weaving, and fence-mending, pursuits that continue to leave their mark on our language, culture, and landscapes, if no longer our bodies and minds. Craeft should not be understood as some commodified, heirloom mark of human hands for which you pay more at the farmer's market stall, but is itself power and agency, traditionally understood. Not to be missed are Langland’s thoughts on skep beekeeping and their similarities to modern day obstetrics. 

Cræft: An Inquiry Into the Origins and True Meaning of Traditional Crafts Cover Image
ISBN: 9780393635904
Availability: Hard to Find
Published: W. W. Norton & Company - January 2nd, 2018