The Ball Of Wisdom (Paperback)

The Ball Of Wisdom By Zephram Tino, Crystal Musseau (Illustrator) Cover Image

The Ball Of Wisdom (Paperback)

By Zephram Tino, Crystal Musseau (Illustrator)


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Leprechauns, Dragons, and Bagpipes. Simply A Normal Medieval Day.

The fates have determined that the only people that stand between evil and the goodness of the Medieval world is a River dancing Leprechaun, the claws of an eccentric, socially anxious dragon (Not Jabberwocky), and our hero Crystal, one of the first female heroes that wears glasses. Ha, Beat that, Walt. We haven't even gotten to the Carrot cake yet. For it is written that whomever shall remove the sword from the stone shall be the rightful ruler of Eng- Wait a minute That's not this story... Damn it Lionel, I know you did this We've been through this I'm not giving you a raise If anyone wants me I'll be in my trailer

Celebrities love The Ball Of Wisdom...

"A fantastic Read. 11/10, would recommend.... Cool, is that all you wanted me to say? Can I have my ten bucks now?" -Arthur J. Random Guy

"I'm sorry Mr. Tino, but if you would like Ms. Rowling to comment on your book it will cost ten thousand dollars." -J.K. Rowling's publicist

"I think Michael and Stephanie will make great parents... Wait, how did I get here? This line would be great for a TV show " -Emily Marshall From TV's Newhart

"It's a witch hunt I tell you Also totally not bad very okay mediocre... what were we talking about again? Oh yeah the red light is on " -President Donald J. Trump

"Totally going to dress up like Sean for my trip to Ireland." -Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

"Please don't, Sir... You're already in enough trouble." -Top Advisor to the Prime Minister

"You people need to read this story." -Don Cherry

Product Details ISBN: 9780228827054
ISBN-10: 0228827051
Publisher: Zephram Tino
Publication Date: March 3rd, 2021
Pages: 124
Language: English