The Crowfield Curse (Paperback)

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The Crowfield Curse (Paperback)


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*"A wondrous mystery." --Kirkus, starred review

*"Suspenseful and spooky...with an edgy battle between good and evil." --School Library Journal, starred review

If the deepest secret has been spoken, can the deadliest curse be broken?

Sent into the forest to gather firewood for the medieval abbey where he's an apprentice, Will hears a cry for help, and comes upon a creature no bigger than a cat. Trapped and wounded, it's a hobgoblin, who confesses a horrible secret: Something is buried deep in the snow, just beyond the graveyard. A mythical being, doomed by an ancient curse...

What does this mystery have to do with the cryptic brotherhood of monks Will serves? What does it have to do with the boy himself? When two cloaked figures darken the church's doorway and start demanding answers, Will is drawn into a dangerous world of Old Magic.

*Includes a timetable of daily life in the abbey, a glossary of monastic terms, and a sneak peek at the chilling sequel THE CROWFIELD DEMON!

New York Public Library "100 Best Books for Reading and Sharing"

A 2011 USBBY Outstanding International Book

Shortlisted for the Branford Boase Award
Pat Walsh is a trained archaeologist as well as an amateur historian, inspired by the rich mythology of Britain. Born in a haunted house in Kent, she now lives in Bedfordshire, England, with her husband and children. THE CROWFIELD DEMON is the sequel to THE CROWFIELD CURSE, her debut novel. Visit her at
Product Details ISBN: 9780545231039
ISBN-10: 0545231035
Publisher: Chicken House
Publication Date: January 1st, 2012
Pages: 352
Language: English

*"Walsh described the environment with calm sensory detail, giving readers a palpably damp, frigid winter. Understatedly tender and mystical yet solid." -- Kirkus, starred review

*"Suspenseful and spooky. With fascinating attention to detail and an edgy battle between evil and good, Walsh sweeps readers almost effortlessly into another time and place. By the close of the novel, readers are hoping for more, and the ending suggests that more is to come. " -- School Library Journal, starred review

"Walsh writes with a sure and steady hand, deftly blending the historical details of medieval monastery life with the magical elements of the mythical supernatural creatures. The hob, with his unintentional wit and well-timed comic relief, is the true standout of the cast. The growing tension will compel young readers toward the climactic battle in the woods and its terrifying conclusion." -- Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

"Dotted with evil curses, dead angels, and dark places. Walsh expertly mixes the fantastical with the humdrum necessities of medieval life." -- Booklist

*Includes a timetable of daily life in the abbey and a glossary of monastic terms

*Plus a sneak peek at the sequel THE CROWFIELD DEMON!

A 2011 USBBY Outstanding International Book


New York Public Library's "100 Titles for Reading and Sharing"

Kirkus "Best Book of the Year"

Author: Walsh, Pat
In 1347 at a country monastery, a wondrous mystery unfolds. Collecting firewood in a frozen forest, William finds an unfamiliar cat-sized creature wounded in an animal trap. It moans but also talks, so despite his neck hairs hackling at this incomprehensible being, William brings the hob home to the single sympathetic monk at Crowfield Abbey. As a servant, William's treated badly there, but he makes do, and Brother Snail is kind. The dignified but privately vulnerable hob is only the first new thing in William's world. A wealthy leper, a cold fay warrior and rumors of a dead angel pull William into grave danger–danger he witnesses in a bloody slaughter of woodland animals. Some evil is overt while some is difficult to identify, but William has a careful mind and a gentle core that serve him well. Walsh describes the environment with calm sensory detail, giving readers a palpably damp, frigid winter (though the abbey buildings could have used a diagram). Understatedly tender and mystical yet solid; it ends in temporary peace, with sequel potential. (daily abbey schedule, glossary) (Historical fantasy. 9-12) -- Kirkus, starred review

School Library Journal – September 2010
*WALSH, Pat. The Crowfield Curse. 336p. glossary. Scholastic/Chicken House. Sept. 2010. Tr $16.99. ISBN 978-0-545-22922-7. LC number unavailable.
Gr 5-8–Set in England in the winter of 1347, this suspenseful and spooky story will thrill readers who loved Joseph Delaney's “The Last Apprentice” series (HarperCollins). Fourteen-year-old William, whose family perished in a fire 18 months earlier, works as a servant at the local monastery in exchange for his room and board, meager as it is. While gathering firewood, he discovers a creature caught in a trap and saves its life. The hobgoblin tells him that he can only be seen by those with the Sight, a gift the boy did not know he possessed. As the hob recovers from his wounds, Will encounters a mystery that shakes him to his core. There is an angel secretly buried in the nearby woodlands, and a visitor to the abbey, a leper, is determined to find it. For reasons unclear to the boy, Mr. Bone ins