The Squire, His Knight, And His Lady (The Squire's Tales #2) (Paperback)

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The Squire, His Knight, And His Lady (The Squire's Tales #2) (Paperback)


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Squire Terence and Sir Gawain are off questing again, but this time their journey is overshadowed by their ultimate destination: Gawain is to meet up with the Green Knight in a contest that could easily lead to Gawain's death. Along the way the two have a slew of hair-raising adventures and encounter the usual odd assortment of characters, including the plucky Lady Eileen. Sparks instantly fly between Terence and Eileen as she joins the squire and his knight on their travels. As they weave their way between the world of men and the Other World, Gawain and Terence discover much about themselves. The Squire, His Knight, and His Lady is the sequel to Gerald Morris's debut book, The Squire's Tale, about which the Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books raved, "This Arthurian road trip will have readers wondering why there aren't more books like this one and hoping that Morris will do it again." And so he has.

When Gerald Morris was in fifth grade he loved Greek and Norse mythology and before long was retelling the stories to his younger sister and then to neighborhood kids. He began carrying a notebook in which he kept some of the details related to the different stories. The joy he found in retelling those myths continued when he discovered other stories. According to Gerald Morris, “I never lost my love of retelling the old stories. When I found Arthurian literature, years later, I knew at once that I wanted to retell those grand tales. So I pulled out my notebook . . . I retell the tales, peopling them with characters that I at least find easier to recognize, and let the magic of the Arthurian tradition go where it will.” Gerald Morris lives in Wausau, Wisconsin, with his wife and their three children. In addition to writing he serves as a minister in a church.

Product Details ISBN: 9780547014388
ISBN-10: 0547014384
Publisher: Clarion Books
Publication Date: April 28th, 2008
Pages: 240
Language: English
Series: The Squire's Tales

"Fast moving and easy to read, this novel will lure youngsters into wanting to read about Camelot, while those familiar with the legends will enjoy this new interpretation." —School Library Journal, starred School Library Journal, Starred

Young Terence, squire to Sir Gawain, can't deny that things at Camelot are changing--and not for the better. Handsome new knight Sir Lancelot has eclipsed Gawain's star and also has won the heart of Queen Guinevere, sending courtiers into a gossipy frenzy, and beloved King Arthur into a depression. When the mysterious, otherworldly Green Knight issues a daunting challenge, only Gawain accepts, proving his loyalty to Arthur, though embracing potential tragedy. But the quest proves a soul-searching, ultimately rewarding personal pilgrimage. A sequel of sorts to Morris' The Squire's Tale (1998), this delightful interpretation of "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight" stands well on its own. The glory days of knights and quests are brought to life with humor, dimensional characters, exceptionally descriptive prose, and fresh, modern dialogue. Although Morris takes some liberties with the story line and characters--explained in a charming, informative endnote--his novel, with a skillful use of wit and drama, illustrates that heroes of life and literature are by no means diminished by human folly. Booklist, ALA

"This Arthurian road trip will have readers wondering why there aren't more books like this one and hoping that Morris will do it again." The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

"In this Arthurian fantasy that picks up several years after THE SQUIRE'S TALE leaves off, Terence finds himself at the beginning of another quest as Sir Gawain's squire. Although the novel builds upon plot elements and characters found in the first volume, the story stands well alone. Laced with magic, humor, and chivalry, this reworking of ''Sir Gawain and the Green Knight'' provides an engaging introduction to the original tale." Horn Book

This sequel to The Squire's Tale (1998) finds Morris's affable young hero, Terence, still serving the legendary Sir Gawain. The kingdom of Camelot, where they are living, is in despair over Queen Guinevere's affair with Sir Lancelot; when Gawain is challenged to meet the Knight of the Green they set off on a new quest. Terence is still young, but he is no longer the novice of the previous novel; when Gawain is imprisoned by the treacherous Marquis of Alva and scheduled for execution, it's up to Terence to save not only his knight, but the beautiful and spirited Lady Eileen. The three of them come upon an enchanted castle, where the lord of the realm turns out to be the Green Knight in disguise: Gawain is forced to pass two additional challenges in order to regain face. There is a well-crafted but tumultuous unfolding of events, and an author's note in which Morris explains his abiding affection and respect for Gawain; this personal touch may send readers straight off to Chaucer. Even Arthur and Guinevere make up in this engaging adventure, an ideal follow-up to the first book and just as full of characters who are brave, loyal, and admirably human.
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