What Did I Do Today? (with Audio CD): A Day of Song and Prayer (Hardcover)

What Did I Do Today? (with Audio CD): A Day of Song and Prayer By Dawud Wharnsby, Zain Bhika Cover Image

What Did I Do Today? (with Audio CD): A Day of Song and Prayer (Hardcover)


Oh, the moon has come, the day is done,
the night has covered up the sun,
I have stood so often before you to pray,
but I wonder Allah, tell me, what did I do today?

Dawud Wharnsby returns with his friend and partner in rhyme, Zain Bhika, to brighten up your day with more playful songs of praise.

Taking listeners from dusk till dawn, or Fajr to Isha in the prayer cycle, each song joyfully celebrates life's everyday actions, looking for the joy in each experience and how it reconnects us to the Creator.

Come... say salam, sing along, and bring a little piece of peace into the world.

Salam Neighbour Hi
Let's get together you and I.
A new day has just begun,
you call the rain, I'll call the sun,
and we can sing and we can splash,
and we can shine down on the grass.
Believe in make-believe, long as we can
Hi neighbour Salam
Dawud Wharnsby was born in Canada in 1972. He has been writing stories, songs and poems for people of all ages for many years. When he is not traveling to sing with audiences around the world, he loves being with his family -- hiking in the mountains near his home, growing vegetables and fixing things that get broken around the house. Dawud loves adventures and being outdoors so much that he is an official Ambassador for Scouting (UK), encouraging young people to take care of the earth and build strong communities. The Wharnsby family lives seasonally between their homes in Pakistan, Canada and the United States. Zain Bhikha is a singer, songwriter whose work has inspired fans for over two decades with their messages of hope and upliftment. He has released 12 studio albums and performed all over the world with many well-known singers including Cat Stevens aka Yusuf Islam. Zain lives with his wife and four sons at their home in Johannesburg, South Africa.
Product Details ISBN: 9780860377351
ISBN-10: 0860377350
Publisher: Islamic Foundation
Publication Date: March 25th, 2020
Pages: 44
Language: English