The Man Who Mastered Gravity (Paperback)

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The Man Who Mastered Gravity (Paperback)


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This is the biography of a man whose story cannot be told

The Man Who Mastered Gravity is an intimate profile of Thomas Townsend Brown - a little-known scientist whose unorthodox ideas about electricity and gravity have made him the subject of decades of speculation and intrigue.

Brown developed his novel concepts while serving in the U.S. Navy through the 1930s. In the first months of World War II he was abruptly discharged - despite his consirable expertise in radio, radar, and mine sweeping.

Two weeks later he showed up at a top-secret aviation facility in Califoria. After that, Brown slipped behind a veil of secrecy from which he only occasionally blinks in and out of view. For example, in the 1950s, Brown formed NICAP, the first civilian organization dedicated to the study of unexplained 'aerial phenomena' (aka UFOs).

Though he is sometimes dismissed as a washout or a charlatan, The Man Who Mastered Gravity addresses the equal likelihood that Townsend Brown operated at the epicenter of a global web of classified 'black' projects - effectively acting as the 'Oppenheimer' in a deeply secret realm that persists to this day.

The Man Who Mastered Gravity is a cloak-and-dagger story of science and espionage, hidden technologies, forbidden romance and a secret society - all woven through pivotal events in the middle of the 20th century.

Buy The Man Who Mastered Gravity today, and enjoy this epic tale of lost science, hidden power, love, danger - and ideas will take you to the edge of modern science.

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