Fretboard Chord Charts for Guitar - In Altered Tuning: 4ths (Paperback)

Fretboard Chord Charts for Guitar - In Altered Tuning: 4ths By Tony Pappas, Prosonic Studios (Producer) Cover Image

Fretboard Chord Charts for Guitar - In Altered Tuning: 4ths (Paperback)


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Take your music to the next level with Prosonic Charts, a new series of cutting-edge books designed to give your playing a boost Fretboard Chord Charts for Guitar will expand your tonal color palette, giving you more ways to express yourself through the guitar.

Imagine what would happen if you had more chords to work with... would your music really be that much better? Tony Pappas, creator of Prosonic Charts and well known for his work on the Ghosts of Orion project, put it this way,

"Chords are like colors, and a musician with only a couple of chords, is like a painter with only red and green, it's way too limiting. Having a wide variety of chords gives a musician options, and colorful chords give music a certain richness... a depth, and this book is full of them, everything from bright and beautiful to dark and demented."

Whether you're writing for guitar, or just want to jam along, this book will expand your harmonic vocabulary, allowing you to more fully express yourself on the instrument. So get some new colors and expand your harmonic universe today

  • Over 130 chords
  • In over 6500 voicings
  • Beautiful full-color
  • Extra large diagrams
  • Helpful ghost notes
  • Right-hand patterns
  • All styles of music

Edition Information: There are two editions of this book. The "Deluxe Edition" is printed on thick, high-quality 70# paper and the "Standard Edition" is printed on thinner 50# paper. The book you are viewing is the STANDARD EDITION. I highly recommend the "Deluxe Edition" but I also created the "Standard Edition" for those on a budget.

Chords contained in this book:

Triads: Major, Minor, dim, Augmented

Suspended: sus2, sus4, susb2, sus#4, susb5, susb2b5

Basic Qualities: 7, m7, m7b5, dim7, m6, 6, M7

Triads with Added Notes: /9, /9sus, /9/#11, /9+, /11, /b9, /11/13/b9, /#11, 6sus, 6/9, 6/9/#11, 6/#11, mb6, m/9, m/9/11, m/9/#11, m/11, m/#11, m6/9, m6/9/#11, m+/9/11, dim/9, dim/9/11, dim/11

Dominant: 7sus, 7/6, 7/6sus, 7/6/#9, 7/6/11, 7/6/#11, 7/11, 7b9, 7b9sus, 7b9#9, 7b9#9sus, 7b9#11, 7#9, 7#9#11, 7#11, 9, 9#11, 9b5, 9+, 9sus, 11, 11b9, 11+, 13, 13sus, 13b5, 13b9, 13b9sus, 13#9, 9b5+

Altered Dominant: 7#9b5, 7b5, 7b5/6, 7b9#9b5, 7b9b5, 13#9b5, 13b9b5, 7#9+, 7#9b5+, 7+, 7+sus, 7b5+, 7b9#9+, 7b9+, 7b9b5+, 11b9+, 13#9+

Minor 7: m7/6, m7/6/11, m7/11, m7/#11, m7b5/6, m7b5/b6, m7+, m7b5b9, m9, m9#11, m9b5, m11, m13, mM7, mM7/6, mM7/11, mM9, mM9/11, mM13

Major 7: M7sus, M7/6, M7/6sus, M7/6/#11, M7/11, M7#9, M7#11, M7+, M7b6, M9, M9sus, M9#11, M9+, M13, M13sus

Diminished: dim7/11, dim7+, dim9/11, dim9+, dimM7, dimM7/11, dimM9

Non-Tertian: P4+P4+P4, P4+P4+A4, P4+A4+P4, A4+P4+P4

Product Details ISBN: 9780988963955
ISBN-10: 0988963957
Publisher: Prosonic Studios, LLC
Publication Date: October 21st, 2013
Pages: 154
Language: English