Star Myths of the World, Volume Three: Star Myths of the Bible (Paperback)

Star Myths of the World, Volume Three: Star Myths of the Bible By David Warner Mathisen Cover Image

Star Myths of the World, Volume Three: Star Myths of the Bible (Paperback)


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The most complete guide to the ancient world-wide system of celestial metaphor, sometimes called Astro-theology, which forms the foundation for virtually all of the scriptures, myths, and sacred stories of humanity -- including the texts we call the Old Testament and New Testament of the Bible.

Explore the scriptures and myths of humanity in a new light as you learn to hear the language in which they are all actually speaking: the language of the stars. Star Myths of the World and How to Interpret Them is a series of volumes exploring the amazing evidence of an ancient, world-wide system of metaphor which underlies all of the world's myths, and points to the conclusion that they are all closely related.

Learn how to understand the clues and symbols in the stories which point to specific constellations, and how the constellations fit into the larger heavenly cycles, all of which are used by the ancient wisdom given to our ancestors as a precious inheritance, with information for our benefit and blessing.

Volume One explored evidence that this system is worldwide, sampling a few representative myths and stories from ancient Egypt, ancient Mesopotamia, ancient India, ancient China and Japan, and myths from various cultures in Australia, Africa, the Americas, and the Pacific.

Volume Two explored the massive evidence that the Greek myths are built on the same worldwide system, examining specific myths, gods, and goddesses -- as well as both the Iliad and Odyssey in depth, for their celestial patterns.

Volume Three provides a broad survey of the celestial foundations of some of the most well-known stories and characters in the Old and New Testaments of the Bible, complete with hundreds of full-color illustrations and star charts.

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