Sky Joust: The Purple Onion vs. The Pestilence (Paperback)

Sky Joust: The Purple Onion vs. The Pestilence By Will Madden Cover Image

Sky Joust: The Purple Onion vs. The Pestilence (Paperback)


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In this town, you can't stop criminals with a fist. You gotta make them weep for shame.

Ever since his mother was murdered in a gang war, Victor Cumin has been unable to cry. Now he dons a mask and makes the scum of the underworld weep for their crimes.

He has elite fighting skills, advanced gadgetry, and informants everywhere. But he's not about to tie up the bad guys and leave them for the legal system to sort out.

Instead, he'll post video of their sobbing confessions online, where everyone can watch them choke on their own snot bubbles.

But Victor's not the only one out for revenge . . .

Centuries ago, horseback marauders plagued the region until modern weaponry finally drove them out. Since then, their descendants have nursed their hatred and plotted their return.

Now their time has come.

Thanks to new technology, the Pestilence rides again--armed with laser shields, flame-throwing lances, and turbo engines to speed their horses in deadly charges

Most importantly, they have stolen the flexible skintight armor that makes Victor impervious to almost everything.

Now these two titanic forces are on a collision course. From the roofs of trains to the dance floors of exclusive nightclubs, they'll drag the whole city into the conflict.

And when the streets can no longer contain them, they'll take the fight to the air--to settle the score with an epic joust across the night sky

Will the city's champion prevail? Or will the Pestilence bring back the Dark Ages forever?

Full of larger-than-life personalities, medieval melee battles, and a rich new fictive universe, Sky Joust delivers a thrilling new angle on the classic superhero adventure.

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Product Details ISBN: 9780998140490
ISBN-10: 099814049X
Publisher: Square Straw Press
Publication Date: April 11th, 2019
Pages: 272
Language: English