The Gion Festival: Exploring Its Mysteries (Paperback)

The Gion Festival: Exploring Its Mysteries By Catherine Pawasarat Cover Image

The Gion Festival: Exploring Its Mysteries (Paperback)


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A must-have resource for anyone wishing to unlock the mysteries of Kyoto's 1150-year-old Gion Festival.

"A month of rituals, five processions, countless deities, shrines and portable shrines, thirty-four floats, antique treasures and fine arts, otherworldly music, an array of spiritual traditions, family heirlooms on display, kimono, people watching, thousands of dedicated volunteers, more than 1150 years of history-the Gion Festival is truly a world-class celebration.

It also takes place in the subtropics in midsummer: it's hot as blazes, very humid, and prone to pouring rain, even typhoons. Add a very foreign language and a million visitors in an area less than a mile square.

Now you have a sense of the scope of your potential explorations."

-Excerpt from the book

This book empowers you to make the most of your visit to this extraordinarily rich and vast World Heritage Event, known in Japanese as "Gion Matsuri". Whether used as a guidebook or as a window into the wisdom and beauty of traditional Japanese culture, The Gion Festival: Exploring Its Mysteries is an enriching read that allows for a deep dive into the multi-faceted aspects of Japan's most famous annual festival.

Author Catherine Pawasarat explores and explains the gigantic festival's many elements in vibrant and engaging detail, including its origins in the ninth century and an overview of its history and cultural context. Throughout the book you'll find fascinating details about the Gion Festival's transformation as it creates new ways to adapt to the modern era. You'll come to share the author's affection for the festival and her appreciation of the cultural event as a priceless part of our human heritage.

In this book, you will discover:

  • The history of the Gion Festival
  • Its spiritual and cultural origins
  • Descriptions and background for each of the 34 Gion Festival floats
  • A guide to potential activities
  • Practical information and tips to get the most out of your participation in the festival
  • Creative ways the festival is meeting the challenges of our rapidly-changing modern world
  • Lessons for cultural sustainability and how to preserve our collective human heritage
  • A guide to potential activities, supported by detailed maps and schedules

Filled with photographs, schedules, and maps never before available to English readers, The Gion Festival takes an up-close and personal look into the design, symbolism, and treasures of each float; the neighborhoods, traditional and modern families, and architecture that support the festival; and the many religious rituals, processions, and musical performances that accompany it.

Product Details ISBN: 9780998588698
ISBN-10: 0998588695
Publisher: Catherine Pawsat
Publication Date: November 3rd, 2020
Pages: 322
Language: English