The Complete Guide to Using Zovirax (Paperback)

The Complete Guide to Using Zovirax By Gavi Bara Cover Image

The Complete Guide to Using Zovirax (Paperback)


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ZOVIRAX is used for the treatment and management of genital herpes.

ZOVIRAX works by stopping the production of the herpes virus. This reduces the length and severity of an outbreak of herpes. ZOVIRAX can also be taken long term to reduce the number of herpes outbreaks in people who experience this condition often.


You should always consult with your physician or pharmacist before making any medical decisions based on information included in this leaflet.

When using medication, there is always a danger. Despite thorough testing, it's conceivable that not all of the medicine's dangers were discovered. Unless you're a doctor or a pharmacist, you'll need to visit them if you have any questions or concerns.

Take ZOVIRAX as prescribed by your doctor or pharmacist if you have any doubts about the drug's safety.

Keep this in mind.

There's a good chance you'll want to review it.

ZOVIRAX is the subject of this brochure. You cannot apply any of this information to any other drug, even if it appears to have the same components or is otherwise comparable.

Genital herpes can be treated and managed with ZOVIRAX.

What is ZOVIRAX's mechanism?

ZOVIRAX's primary component, aciclovir, is part of a class of drugs referred to as "anti-virals".

ZOVIRAX works by preventing the herpes virus from reactivating. Reduces herpes breakouts in length and intensity. ZOVIRAX can also be used long-term to minimize the frequency of herpes outbreaks in those who encounter this illness often. In order to get rid of the infection, ZOVIRAX isn't going to work.

ZOVIRAX may, however, have been given by your doctor for a different purpose.

Ask your doctor or pharmacist if you have any questions about why you are taking ZOVIRAX.

You can get further information from your doctor or pharmacist.

Before you use ZOVIRAX, read the instructions on the label carefully.

Not everyone should take ZOVIRAX.

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