Icarus (Book 1 the Genome Chronicles): The Genome Chronicles) (Paperback)

Icarus (Book 1 the Genome Chronicles): The Genome Chronicles) By Natasha L. Wells Cover Image

Icarus (Book 1 the Genome Chronicles): The Genome Chronicles) (Paperback)


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A woman out of her time. A man determined to keep her safe. A government's deadly secrets.

In a world where the past collides with the distant future, love takes root amidst the stars. Journey through time and space in this captivating sci-fi romance novel, where a tale of resilience, discovery, and devotion unfolds.

Kara Giddings, an Air Force specialist burdened by a haunting past, embarks on a daring escape from her abusive family, seeking refuge among the stars. Little does she know that her destiny is intertwined with the threads of time itself. As her DNA is altered in a mysterious genetic research program, she awakens aboard the Icarus, a state-of-the-art spaceship commanded by the enigmatic Colonel Pyke Havard.

Colonel Pyke Havard leads a team of intrepid researchers on a quest to uncover the secrets behind humanity's cryogenic facilities, a mystery shrouded in history. When Kara becomes the first successfully thawed human from the past, the tension between her fragile trust and Pyke's unwavering duty threatens to unravel the bonds that tie them together.

In a future where science has granted humanity extended life and astounding technology, Kara must navigate a world she could never have fathomed. Yet, Kara's journey of self-discovery and healing resonates with a universal truth: that even amidst the stars, it's the connections we forge that truly define us.

As Kara and Pyke's relationship blossoms from wary allies to steadfast lovers, they'll need to confront their own insecurities and fears. Together, they'll learn that overcoming the shadows of the past is a testament to the strength of the heart. Can they unravel the enigma of Kara's cryogenic slumber and unearth the answers that have eluded humanity for centuries?

Icarus is an enthralling tale of found family, sacrifice, and the unbreakable bond between two souls hurtling through time. Join Kara and Pyke as they navigate the cosmos, discovering that the key to a brighter future lies in embracing the present - and each other.

Product Details ISBN: 9781088246894
ISBN-10: 1088246893
Publisher: Natasha Wells
Publication Date: September 15th, 2023
Pages: 316
Language: English