Neural Stem Cell Assays (Hardcover)

Neural Stem Cell Assays By Navjot Kaur (Editor), Mohan C. Vemuri (Editor) Cover Image

Neural Stem Cell Assays (Hardcover)

By Navjot Kaur (Editor), Mohan C. Vemuri (Editor)


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Neural stem cells offer a valuable model system for delineating the cellular and developmental processes in normal and diseased states of the central nervous system. In particular, neural stem cells have huge potential in regenerative medicine, owing to their expansion capability in culture and the ability to differentiate into multiple sub-neural lineages.

Neural Stem Cell Assays provides a detailed and comprehensive review of the basic methods for neural stem cell cultures. Including an overview of progress in the field over the past decade, Neural Stem Cell Assays is a one-stop reference for consistent methods and reliable tools that span the entire assay work flow, from isolation or generation of neural stem cells to characterization, manipulation and final application of neural stem cells in disease paradigms such as Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

An excellent source of information for academic, pharmaceutical and biotechnology researchers who are new to the neural stem cell field, Neural Stem Cell Assays is an invaluable to experienced users who wish to integrate newly developed tools and technologies into their workflow. The book also covers important course material for students at the undergraduate and graduate level who are learning the basics of neural stem cell cultures, and differentiation to sub-neural lineages.

Navjot Kaur, Ph.D, is Staff Scientist in the Life Technologies division of the Invitrogen Corporation. His research experience covers a wide range of cell biology, protein biochemistry and molecular biology concepts, with special expertise in cell culture and cryopreservation media development, cell-based assays, primary cells, and stable cell lines. Mohan C. Vemuri, Ph.D., MBA is director of stem cell research and development in the Life Technologies division of Invitrogen & Applied Biosystems. The author of designs of peer-reviewed articles in the field, Dr. Vemuri is also a co-editor of three books on stem cells and stem cell cultures.
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Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell
Publication Date: February 9th, 2015
Pages: 288
Language: English