Laboratory Guide to Enzymology (Paperback)

Laboratory Guide to Enzymology By Geoffrey A. Holdgate Cover Image

Laboratory Guide to Enzymology (Paperback)


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An accessible guide to understanding the foundations of enzymology at its application in drug discovery

Enzymes are highly specialized proteins necessary for performing specific biochemical reactions essential for life in all organisms. In disease, the functioning of these enzymes can become altered and, therefore, enzymes represent a large class of key targets for drug discovery. In order to successfully target dysfunctional enzymes pharmaceutically, the unique mechanism of each enzyme must be understood through thorough and in-depth kinetic analysis. The topic of enzymology can appear challenging due its interdisciplinary nature combining concepts from biology, chemistry, and mathematics.

Laboratory Guide to Enzymology brings together the theory of enzymology and associated lab-based work to offer a practical, accessible guide encompassing all three scientific disciplines. Beginning with a brief introduction to proteins and enzymes, the book slowly immerses the reader into the foundations of enzymology and how it can be used in drug discovery using modern methods of experimentation. The result is a detailed but highly readable volume detailing the basis of drug discovery research.

Laboratory Guide to Enzymology readers will also find:

  • Descriptions of key concepts in enzymology
  • Examples of drugs targeting different enzymes via different mechanisms
  • Detailed discussion about many areas of enzymology such as binding and steady-state kinetics, assay development, and enzyme inhibition and activation

Laboratory Guide to Enzymology is ideal for all pharmaceutical and biomedical researchers working in enzymology and assay development, as well as advanced students in the biochemical or biomedical sciences looking to develop a working knowledge of this field of research.

Geoffrey A. Holdgate is Senior Principal Scientist in Discovery Sciences for BioPharmaceuticals Research and Development at AstraZeneca. Antonia Turberville, PhD, is a Senior Scientist in Discovery Sciences for Biopharmaceuticals R&D at AstraZeneca. Alice Lanne, PhD, is a Senior Scientist in Discovery Sciences for BioPharmaceuticals R&D at AstraZeneca.
Product Details ISBN: 9781394179794
ISBN-10: 1394179790
Publisher: Wiley
Publication Date: March 1st, 2024
Pages: 304
Language: English