Trans-Exclusionary Feminisms and the Global New Right (Paperback)

Trans-Exclusionary Feminisms and the Global New Right By Serena Bassi (Editor), Greta LaFleur (Editor) Cover Image

Trans-Exclusionary Feminisms and the Global New Right (Paperback)

By Serena Bassi (Editor), Greta LaFleur (Editor)


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An unprecedented cultural alliance is underway between the anti-trans strand of the radical feminist movement and a new brand of militant right-wing politics that takes issue with the idea that gender is a social and cultural construction. This so-called "anti-gender" movement--which also travels under names such as "gender-critical feminism"--has found immense international power and is especially active in Latin America, continental Europe, and Russia, with different but no less pernicious strains revitalizing longtime trans-exclusionary radical feminist (TERF) communities in England, Canada, the United States, and Australia. Contributors to this special issue consider what the global rise of trans-exclusionary politics and the envelopment of these politics into global right-wing movements might mean for changing understandings of transgender experience, science and medicine, and legal protections. Topics include the emergence of TERF rhetoric in evangelical Christianity, the anti-gender misappropriation of postcolonial thought in Europe, rhetorical and ideological similarities between TERFism and Zionism, and media treatment of J. K. Rowling's hostility toward trans rights.

Contributors. Serena Bassi, Mikey Elster, Jenny Madsen Evang, Gina Gwenffrewi, Greta LaFleur, Sophie Lewis, C. Libby, Kathryn Lofton, Ezra Berkeley Nepon, Blase Provitola, Heike Schotten, Asa Seresin, Mat Thompson.
Serena Bassi is Visiting Assistant Professor of Italian at Hamilton College. Greta LaFleur is Associate Professor of American Studies at Yale University and author of The Natural History of Sexuality in Early America.
Product Details ISBN: 9781478023364
ISBN-10: 1478023368
Publisher: Duke University Press
Publication Date: August 23rd, 2022
Pages: 234
Language: English