Collagen: Methods and Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology #1944) (Hardcover)

Collagen: Methods and Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology #1944) By Irit Sagi (Editor), Nikolaos A. Afratis (Editor) Cover Image

Collagen: Methods and Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology #1944) (Hardcover)

By Irit Sagi (Editor), Nikolaos A. Afratis (Editor)


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Part I: In Vitro Models for Collagen Characterization

1. Cloning and Mutagenesis Strategies for Large Collagens

Olivier Bornert and Alexander Nystr m

2. Multi-Well Fibrillation Assay as a Tool for Analyzing Crosslinking and Stabilization of Collagen

Venkat Raghavan Krishnaswamy

3. Production and Characterization of Chemically Cross-Linked Collagen Scaffolds

Ignacio Sallent, H ctor Capella-Monson's, and Dimitrios I. Zeugolis

4. A Biomimetic Model for Mineralization of Type-I Collagen Fibrils

Shasha Yao, Yifei Xu, Changyu Shao, Fabio Nudelman, Nico A.J.M. Sommerdijk, and Ruikang Tang

Part II: Proteomics Analysis of Collagen

5. Investigation of Triple-Helix Collagen Hydroxylation by Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy

Wing Ying Chow

6. Measurement of Collagen Crosslinks from Tissue Samples by Mass Spectrometry

Amar Joshi, Amna Zahoor, and Alberto Buson

7. Mass Spectrometry-Based Proteomics to Define Intracellular Collagen Interactomes

Ngoc-Duc Doan, Andrew S. DiChiara, Amanda M. Del Rosario, Richard P. Schiavoni, and Matthew D. Shoulders

8. Exploring Extracellular Matrix Degradomes by TMT-TAILS N-Terminomics

Elizabeta Madzharova, Fabio Sabino, and Ulrich auf dem Keller

Part III: Imaging Approaches for Collagen

9. Sample Preparation of Extracellular Matrix of Murine Colons for Scanning Electron Microscopy

Elee Shimshoni and Irit Sagi

10. In Situ Detection of Degraded and Denatured Collagen via Triple Helical Hybridization: New Tool in Histopathology

Yang Li and S. Michael Yu

11. Combination of Traction Assays and Multiphoton Imaging to Quantify Skin Biomechanics

St phane Bancelin, Barbara Lynch, Christelle Bonod-Bidaud, Petr Dokl dal, Florence Ruggiero, Jean-Marc Allain, and Marie-Claire Schanne-Klein

12. Analysis of Collagen-Binding Integrins Interactions with Supramolecular Aggregates of the Extracellular Matrix

Uwe Hansen

Part IV: Collagen in Health and Disease

13. Assessing Collagen Deposition during Aging in Mammalian Tissue and in Caenorhabditis elegans

Alina C. Teuscher, Cyril Statzer, Sophia Pantasis, Mattia R. Bordoli, and Collin Y. Ewald

14. Procollagen C-Proteinase Enhancer 1 (PCPE-1) in Liver Fibrosis

Efrat Kessler and Eyal Hassoun

15. Tumorigenic Interplay between Macrophages and Collagenous Matrix in the Tumor Microenvironment

Chen Varol.

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