ElfQuest: Stargazer's Hunt Complete Edition (Hardcover)

ElfQuest: Stargazer's Hunt Complete Edition By Wendy Pini, Richard Pini, Sonny Strait (Illustrator), Nate Piekos (Illustrator) Cover Image

ElfQuest: Stargazer's Hunt Complete Edition (Hardcover)

By Wendy Pini, Richard Pini, Sonny Strait (Illustrator), Nate Piekos (Illustrator)


ElfQuest alumnus Sonny Strait returns at full force as artist and colorist, alongside storytellers Wendy and Richard Pini, with script, layouts, and an all new cover exclusive to this edition by Wendy Pini.

Longtime fans and new readers alike will not want to miss this special offering of Stargazer's Hunt, released just in time to celebrate ElfQuest’s 10-year-anniversary with Dark Horse Comics!

When ElfQuest: The Final Quest concluded, it ended the hero’s journey of Cutter Kinseeker, chief of the Wolfriders. But that was only the start of a new adventure for Cutter’s “brother in all but blood,” Skywise.

Now the stargazer elf, who thought he knew everything about Cutter, discovers how mistaken he was. Skywise sets his sights on the cosmic horizon for answers, sending him on his own epic quest from the elves’ ancestral Star Home through uncharted space and back to the World of Two Moons. His star-spanning quest reveals interstellar majesty and the desolation of ruined worlds, but no answers to the gaps in his memory. Meanwhile Jink, the elf-daughter he left behind, returns to the ancestral home of the Wolfriders in the hope of finding a way to heal her father’s soul.

This special hardcover edition of Stargazer’s Hunt collects the entire miniseries in one volume, including brand new behind-the-scenes sketches and commentary.

Collects Elfquest: Stargazer’s Hunt volumes 1 and 2.
Wendy Pini was born Wendy Fletcher in San Francisco. Growing up on an isolated ranch in Gilroy, California, Wendy's imagination was fueled by all forms of fantasy and mythology. At an early age she began spinning her own tales of elves, monkey-gods, aliens and sorcerers. While her artistic talents were influenced by of turn-of-the-century illustrators, film and TV animation, her storytelling abilities evolved from a love of Shakespeare, Japanese history and legend, modern fantasy and the epic poetry of the Ramayana. In 1977, a deeply personal project called ELFQUEST was born. As the first continuing fantasy/adventure graphic novel series in America to be co-created, written and illustrated by a woman, ELFQUEST became a phenomenon in the comics industry. Appealing to comics and sci-fi/fantasy fans alike, it attracted a unique and unprecedented audience, an equal mix of male and female readers. Over three million copies of the collected graphic novel volumes have been sold to date. In 2014 Dark Horse Comics will begin publishing Elfquest: The Final Quest in comic book format.

Richard Pini is one half of the husband-and-wife team responsible for creating the well-known Elfquest series of comics, graphic novels, and prose works.
Product Details ISBN: 9781506742359
ISBN-10: 1506742351
Publisher: Dark Horse Books
Publication Date: November 21st, 2023
Pages: 208
Language: English
““Elfquest” is undeniably a classic series with tonnes of plot history to dig up and reference, and that is evident in “Stargazer’s Hunt”. The Pini’s do a good job of introducing the fantastical world and characters that inhabit it, and Strait evokes the classic, brush-heavy art style really nicely.”—Multiversity Comics