Parents of the World, Unite!: How to Save Our Schools from the Left’s Radical Agenda (Hardcover)

Parents of the World, Unite!: How to Save Our Schools from the Left’s Radical Agenda By Ian Prior Cover Image

Parents of the World, Unite!: How to Save Our Schools from the Left’s Radical Agenda (Hardcover)


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This essential playbook reveals the winning strategies for successfully fighting a radical woke agenda in your kids’ schools.

Ian Prior is one of the most articulate and successful parent-activists in the United States. Armed with 12 inspiring battle-tested rules and revealing stories about sparring with self-righteous Woke neighbors (the “Chardonnay Antifa”), Ian shares secrets about what fellow parents can do in their own school districts to stop the Left's dark vision from taking root.
Get ready to laugh. This is not a boring education book. With real world lessons and funny anecdotes readers can connect with, Ian explains how families can win the battle to stop divisive and dangerous concepts rooted in critical race theory and other dangerous left-wing ideologies from spreading to their schools. He convincingly makes the case that the Left envisions a public education system in America where children are no longer the responsibility of their parents but rather mere wards of the state.
You’ll be shocked and amused by the outrageous stories in Ian’s suburban county that unexpectedly became ground zero for the parents’ rights movement. This sign-of-the times book helpfully explains the confusing and infuriating cultural moment we find ourselves in.

Parents of the World, Unite! is an indispensable book for American families who believe they should be able to raise their children without government interference in their moral, religious, and ethical choices -- and are ready to join a revolution of parents.
Ian Prior is one of the most recognizable voices in the parents’ revolution that has swept the country. Ian began his career as an attorney in New England in 2002 after graduating from Boston University School of Law. He transitioned into politics in 2011, working on various Republican campaigns before serving as a top spokesman at the Justice Department. Ian is married and has two daughters in elementary school in Loudoun County Public Schools in Virginia. In 2021, Ian formed the group “Fight for Schools."
Product Details ISBN: 9781546004448
ISBN-10: 1546004440
Publisher: Center Street
Publication Date: March 21st, 2023
Pages: 256
Language: English
"Under Joe Biden’s administration, we learned just how far the Left is willing to go to spread their dangerous, culturally-Marxist ideology. But as Ian Prior and a few dedicated parents discovered during the summer of 2020, things are much worse than you imagine. Rather than cower or capitulate, Ian took on the Radical Left—and had a blast doing it. This book is an essential resource for any parent, grandparent, or teacher looking to fight for America's kids."—Pete Hegseth

"American Marxism is here, including in our children’s classrooms. Every American who cares about our nation’s children and the future of our country should read this book, which offers a step-by-step process for organizing, getting the message out, and letting the far Left know that we will not stand by while our children are indoctrinated."—Mark Levin

"Ian Prior is an uncommon former senior government official who has retained the heart of a fierce advocate and a loving father. He and the parents of Loudoun County set in motion a parents' rights movement that not only helped change history in Virginia with the 2021 election but has spread throughout the country. Parents of the World, Unite! goes into full detail on how parents can fight back against the woke agenda and preserve the American dream for their children."

Matt and Mercedes Schlapp

"First, they’ll tell you that Critical Race Theory isn’t being taught. Then they’ll tell you that it is being taught and that it’s a good thing. Finally, they’ll send in the FBI and the DOJ to rough up anyone who dares speak out against the regime. Parents of the World, Unite! tells the story of a few dedicated parents who decided to stand up against the Radical Left and fight back. In a story that takes the reader on a guided tour of the most insane political fights of our day, this book is essential reading for anyone who cares about the future of our children. Buy a copy for your favorite radical leftist today!"—Donald Trump, Jr.

"For years, nihilists on the radical left have staged an incremental takeover of our children’s schools. When parents tried to fight back, they were labeled 'domestic terrorists' by the Department of Justice. In this book, Ian Prior gives the thrilling, often hilarious inside story of how that happened. But he also gives vital advice for parents and concerned citizens everywhere who want to change their children’s schools from the ground up. If an organic group of fed-up parents can do it during a global pandemic, you can do it in your district, too! Read this book for tips on how to return our schools to their rightful focus of education, not indoctrination!"—Hameet Dhillon, CEO for American Liberty

"Loudoun County, Virginia is now synonymous with the fight over what should be taught in our children’s classrooms. That’s largely thanks to the excellent work that Ian Prior and other patriots have done to protect our children and the foundation of their education. This book offers an amusing perspective and an often thrilling look at how a small group of dedicated parents brought a referendum that will send shockwaves for years to come."—Dr. Ben Carson

"Parents of the World, Unite! draws on Ian Prior‘s front row seat leading the parents' rights revolution in Loudoun County, Virginia that helped spur Governor Glenn Youngkin's historic upset in 2021 and sent shockwaves across America's political landscape. It provides parents across America with a guide and the tools they will need to take back control of their children's education. It is a must-read instructional guide for any parent who is fed up with the liberal agenda, failed teachers' union leaders, and woke activists damaging their children's education and imposing their Far Left views on them."—House Republican Conference Chair Elise Stefanik

"Ian Prior has expertly prosecuted the case against radical school officials who are brainwashing our children. Every parent who wants their children to be taught how to think -- not what to think -- in school should read this book."—Newt Gingrich