Pyramids of Egypt (Unsolved) (Hardcover)

Pyramids of Egypt (Unsolved) By Dinah Williams Cover Image

Pyramids of Egypt (Unsolved) (Hardcover)


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Discover some of the most fascinating and true unsolved mysteries in history!

The pyramids were built as tombs for the Egyptian Pharaohs. They are an engineering feat that have puzzled scientists and historians for centuries. How did the ancient Egyptians construct

these massive structures? This real unsolved mystery will unfold with simple text and exciting visuals. Decide for yourself with actual clues, facts, and photographs.

About This Series:

Take a deep dive into some of the most unbelievable but real unsolved mysteries from history with this brand-new series of books. Can someone just disappear? Is there such a thing as a buried treasure? Does Bigfoot exist? Each book in this series focuses on one unsolved mystery and describes its main events chronologically. Readers will follow along as the exciting narrative uncovers real historical clues. Multiple theories will be presented providing an opportunity for readers to draw their own conclusions. The most up-to-date facts and relevant modern-day discoveries will be included to allow for real-world connections. Perhaps you will be the one to solve an unsolved mystery!

Dinah Williams is an editor and children's book author, who is fascinated by odd and unusual stories. Her nonfiction books include Abandoned Amusement Parks; Secrets of Walt Disney World; Haunted Hollywood; and Spooky Cemeteries, which won the 2009 Children's Choice Award. She lives in Cranford, New Jersey, with her husband and daughters, who hate all things scary. Visit her online at
Product Details ISBN: 9781546141549
ISBN-10: 1546141545
Publisher: Children's Press
Publication Date: February 4th, 2025
Pages: 48
Language: English