Multi-Modal Probes for Breast Cancer (Paperback)

Multi-Modal Probes for Breast Cancer By Caroline B. Lewis Cover Image

Multi-Modal Probes for Breast Cancer (Paperback)



Breast cancer (BrCa) is a pressing health concern, necessitating the development of effective imaging and therapeutic agents. To address this need, we designed and synthesized molecularly targeted imaging and therapeutic agents that combine visualization and treatment of tumors in real-time. Our approach involved the development of dual-modal agents, incorporating the fluorescent near infrared (NIR) dye, IRDye78, and a chlorin-based photosensitizer (PS) dye, Mesopyropheoborbide-a (mPPa), coupled to a BrCa-targeting peptide, "18-4."Additionally, we created a water-soluble, single-modal targeted PS probe for

photodynamic therapy (PDT) of BrCa for use guided by other imaging methods

Product Details ISBN: 9781582234205
ISBN-10: 1582234205
Publisher: Danish Publishers
Publication Date: December 6th, 2023
Pages: 106
Language: English