Quantum Spirituality: Science, Gnostic Mysticism, and Connecting with Source Consciousness (Paperback)

Quantum Spirituality: Science, Gnostic Mysticism, and Connecting with Source Consciousness By Peter Canova, James Redfield (Foreword by) Cover Image

Quantum Spirituality: Science, Gnostic Mysticism, and Connecting with Source Consciousness (Paperback)

By Peter Canova, James Redfield (Foreword by)


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Reveals how ancient Gnostic teachings predicted modern quantum physics

• 2023 American Book Fest™ Best Book Award

• Explains how the perennial principles of Gnosticism, a repository of Judeo-Christian mysticism, describe major theories of quantum physics, such as the Big Bang, parallel universes, the Holographic Universe theory, and Einstein’s Relativity

• Shows how these teachings reveal consciousness as the creator of reality

• Reveals how to harness quantum spirituality for personal empowerment, access to higher levels of consciousness, and manifestation

From the dawn of history, a universal wisdom tradition has existed that explains humanity’s purpose in the cosmos and our relationship to the Master Source Consciousness. This mystical philosophy was harnessed by the ancient seers known as Gnostics, who were in direct contact with Source Consciousness. As Peter Canova reveals, not only do the ancient teachings of Gnosticism contain important spiritual truths, but they profoundly align with the modern sciences of quantum physics and psychology. They can also provide us with a transformative path to higher consciousness and practical tools to create your own reality.

Merging modern science and ancient wisdom, Canova explores the perennial principles of Gnosticism and shows how they describe major theories of quantum physics, such as the Big Bang, parallel universes, the Holographic Universe theory, and Einstein’s Relativity. He recounts the Gnostic story of Sophia from a scientific standpoint, showing how it describes the fall of spiritual consciousness into material existence. He also provides in-depth evidence that Jesus taught a hidden, mystical Gnostic initiation rite.

Explaining how the Master Consciousness created and shaped all life, including humans, the author reveals how Source gave us a critical role to fulfill in the cosmos, including the ability of our thoughts to affect the material world. He describes Carl Jung’s role in the spiritualization of psychology and how this can be used by the modern spiritual seeker to pursue a path of enlightenment and personal fulfillment.

Ultimately showing how enlightenment is a process wherein outer manifestations arise from inner experience--including synchronicity and dreams--the author reveals how each of us can harness the power of quantum spirituality to transform our world on both an individual and collective level.
Peter Canova is an international businessman who decided to write novels after undergoing a series of spiritual experiences that altered the course of his life. In the early 2000’s he won a Grand Literary Prize for his very first short story at the highly respected Santa Barbara Writer’s Conference. Shortly thereafter, he took first place out of 500 entries in Francis Ford Coppola’s online Zoetrope magazine for his first publicly circulated short story, The Blood of our Departed.

Peter’s fictional series, The First Souls Trilogy is a saga about the first fall of spirit consciousness into material existence. The books have won 25 literary awards including Nautilus, Writer’s Digest, and Eric Hoffer. Peter has also been honored as a Chicken Soup for the Soul author.

Quantum Spirituality, Peter’s latest book, describes the origin, purpose, and destiny of humanity grounded on quantum science and an ancient universal spiritual tradition lost to the West for two thousand years. As an author and national speaker, he demonstrates how the Gnostic texts used myth—the narrative device of its time—to describe the Big Bang, Parallel Universes, Holographic Universe Theory, Einstein’s Relativity, and Jung’s theory of the unconscious mind. His conclusion is that one conscious intelligent force is responsible for all creation and the material world is a virtual simulation where humans are part of the infinite force that shapes material reality as we perceive it. Peter describes his work as a roadmap to help people gain experiences with higher consciousness. People have called Peter the real-life Robert Langdon after the main character of the Da Vinci Code. Like the fictional character, Peter is recovering and decoding the complexities of quantum physics and the secret wisdom of mystical texts such as the Kabbalah and the once-forbidden Gnostic Gospels. He does so in a manner few scholars have done before. His material is grounded in science spiritual wisdom and his own startling personal spiritual encounters.

Peter has been the subject of numerous radio and television interviews. He has appeared three times on the nationally popular Coast to Coast show with George Noory. He has been a keynote speaker at national events and appeared on stage with many noted personalities in the consciousness-raising field. He transforms these complex concepts into page-turning learning material making the information accessible to the average reader. He hopes that this knowledge will help people envision a new personal consciousness paradigm that transcends dogmatic religion and materialistic science.

James Redfield is the author of The Celestine Prophecy.
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Publisher: Bear & Company
Publication Date: January 31st, 2023
Pages: 256
Language: English
Quantum Spirituality stirs me in a special way. I love Peter’s concepts relating to the mysterious and mystical aspects of life. It resonates with my own experience. It is a pleasure for me to see the remarkably incisive knowledge that Peter has crystallized in Quantum Spirituality to help us see and accept the true underlying nature of life. Please read it, and let it become a part of your life experience too.”
— Bernie Siegel, M.D., author of No Endings, Only Beginnings and Three Men, Six Lives

Quantum Spirituality is the most complete merger of science and ancient wisdom I have ever encountered. The result is the stuff of dreams, a magical story of the origins of humanity and our place in Creation. It reads like a visitor’s guide to the Matrix, covering all angles--the spiritual, the scientific, and the psychological.”
— Betsy Chasse, co-creator of the film What the Bleep Do We Know!?

“Peter Canova’s book Quantum Spirituality is not just another take on the supremacy of consciousness. Solidly anchored in Gnostic Christianity, Jungian psychology, and cutting-edge science, it is a worthy addition to the rapidly growing body of literature that is reintroducing contemporary culture to the Perennial Philosophy, couching it in modern language and thought patterns. This is an important book that, although thoroughly accessible, needs to be read slowly and carefully digested. It deals with nothing less than the very explanation and meaning of life in our perception realm.”
— Jim Willis, author of The Quantum Akashic Field

Quantum Spirituality is a riveting, epic saga. It is a grand tale of our creation told in a mythic, spiritual, and scientific story that enlightens the reader about the mysteries of human existence. Its pages are rich with startling information that exposes the illusions of commonly accepted reality. The author merges spiritual insights derived from ancient mystics with modern quantum theory to create highly plausible concepts that ring true to every mindset, from the spiritually inclined to the logically grounded. Quantum Spirituality will provide every reader with life-altering knowledge essential to propel their own soul journey.”
— Scott Carlin, former president of HBO Domestic Television Distribution

"This ambitious and fascinating book is a succinct message to us all. Quantum Spirituality outlines a journey critical for our evolution and could accelerate our awakening. Peter Canova seeks to resolve some of the most rivalrous debates in history: those over the true meaning of human life and spirituality."
— James Redfield, author of The Celestine Prophecy

With a special and particular relevance to readers with an interest in Gnosticism, Quantum Theory, New Age Metaphysics, and Unexplained Mysteries, Quantum Spirituality: Science, Gnostic Mysticism, and Connecting with Source Consciousness is an especially informative, insightful, and thought-provoking contribution for personal, professional, community, and academic library collections and supplemental curriculum studies lists. It should be noted for students, academia, and non-specialist general readers with an interest in these subjects that Quantum Spirituality is also readily available in a digital book format (Kindle, $13.99).
— Midwest Book Review