Paper Relief Art Chinese Style: Cutting, Folding, Molding and More (Hardcover)

Paper Relief Art Chinese Style: Cutting, Folding, Molding and More By Paper Arts Zhu Liqun Cover Image

Paper Relief Art Chinese Style: Cutting, Folding, Molding and More (Hardcover)


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Paper Relief Art: Chinese Style brings you a new and creative way to covert a simple piece of paper to a three-dimensional form of papercraft artwork.

Paper was originally invented in China during the early 2nd century. Besides being an essential medium of writing and recording, it has also been playing an important role in art. Relief, likewise has a very long history. If was first found in the caves of the pre-historical period. Zhu Liqun Paper Arts Museum fuses the paper and the relief together to craft an independent form of contemporary art—paper relief—that can be realistic, hyperbolic, decorative, and abstract.

The artistic team has spent a lot of item to study and explore, sharing with you their experiences of preparations and knowledge of basic techniques. Both introductory and advanced lessons carry a strong influence of Chinese culture with emphasis on a freehand approach to covey the true spirit of the art.

Now take out a piece of paper, practice by following the step-by-step lessons that are collected in this book, and incorporate your creativity to transform a flat paper to a magnificent artwork!

Born in 1948, Zhu Liqun is a senior Master of Arts and Crafts, a member of the Shanghai Society for the Study of Folk Literature and Art, a member of the Shanghai Arts and Crafts Association, and director of the Paper Art Professional Committee. Working in art and industrial design for over 30 years, he has won many awards at large art design contests in China.

The Zhu Liqun Paper Arts Museum, formally launched in June 2010 in Shanghai, displays thousands of works of paper art including furniture, lamps, sculpture, decorative carvings in relief, and human figures. All were designed and created by Zhu Liqun and his team over a span of ten years. Their innovative practice has led to the growth and spread of paper art to other fields, and they have also published Paper Quilling: Chinese Style.

Product Details ISBN: 9781602200203
ISBN-10: 1602200203
Publisher: Shanghai Press
Publication Date: October 20th, 2015
Pages: 144
Language: English
Series: Contemporary Writers from Shanghai