Bang!: How We Came to Be (Paperback)

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"Bang! And that was it, the beginning of everything."

So begins this beautifully illustrated, panoramic story of evolution. Author and illustrator Michael Rubino conveys not only the facts but also the excitement of the scientific explanation of our world, from the origin of the universe in the big bang to the present reality of our planet, teeming with life but threatened by overpopulation and pollution.

Parents looking for an easy-to-understand guide to the scientific worldview for their children will find the perfect source here. The formation of stars and galaxies; the origin of our solar system and planet Earth; the epochal march of life from single-celled organisms through sponges, worms, insects, fish, dinosaurs, birds, and early mammals; and the evolution of the first humans from their simian cousins—it’s all here.

This book is an eloquent blend of art and science that tells the most important story so far known.

About the Author

Michael Rubino is a Los Angeles–based artist who paints symbolic, figurative works, portraits, and landscapes in oil on canvas.

Praise For…

"Where do I come from? Why does anything exist? For too long, young minds have been fobbed off with traditional answers, which are not only false but actually rather boring compared with the truth. Michael Rubino tells the true story—which means the scientific story—illustrated with his
captivating paintings. Children will be fascinated by this book, and they’ll use it to educate their parents."
—Richard Dawkins

"The illustrations in Michael Rubino’s Bang! How We Came to Be are lively, breathtaking, flowing, thought provoking, colorful, and sharp. If they do not transport you and your children to the past and enchant . . . with the wonder that is nature and evolution—I give up. The narrative flows easily, carrying nothing pedantic or political; it simply recounts what science has learned of the history of the particular life-form called humans. This wonderful book would be a life-affirming gift for any child."
—Cameron M. Smith, PhD, Author of The Top Ten Myths about Evolution and The Fact of Evolution

Product Details
ISBN: 9781616144722
ISBN-10: 1616144726
Publisher: Prometheus Books
Publication Date: October 25th, 2011
Pages: 69
Language: English

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