Blazor in Action (Paperback)

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Blazor in Action (Paperback)


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An example-driven guide to building reusable UI components and web frontends—all with Blazor, C#, and .NET.

In Blazor in Action, you will learn about:

    Blazor + WebAssembly
    Picking the right hosting model
    Building reusable UI components
    Building forms with validation
    Integrating with JavaScript libraries
    Securing your application
    Testing your applications

Blazor in Action is a practical guide to building stunning UIs and client-side applications using C# and .NET. You’ll use the Blazor frontend framework to create a fun and exciting web application for plotting hiking routes. As you build up your new application, you’ll master the key features of Blazor, such as routing, forms and validation, and dynamic and reusable components. By the time you're done, you'll be ready to develop beautiful sites and apps that seamlessly execute your C# code natively in the browser.

The book is written to the most recent stable build of Blazor and seamlessly integrates fresh features from .NET 6.

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About the technology
Create rich web frontends without relying on JavaScript. Microsoft’s Blazor framework uses WebAssembly to extend the ultra-popular ASP.NET platform. In Blazor, you can build interactive web components that run natively in the browser without plug-ins or transpilers. And because it’s C# end-to-end, it’s easy to share code between the server and your web UI.

About the book
Blazor in Action teaches you to create full-stack ASP.NET applications end-to-end in C#. You’ll start by learning to build Blazor web components, working through core topics like routing and forms. As you go, you’ll implement a hiking route web application that includes reusable code, integration with JavaScript libraries, and role-based security. To make sure your app is production ready, this practical book also covers state management, data persistence, and testing.

What's inside

    Dynamic and reusable UI components
    Sharing client and server code
    Role-based security using Auth0
    Persisting state using local browser storage

About the reader
For web developers with C# and .NET experience.

About the author
Chris Sainty has been a part of the Blazor community from the beginning. He’s an active blogger, open source developer, international speaker, and a Microsoft MVP.

Table of Contents

1 Starting your Blazor journey
2 Your first Blazor app
3 Working with Blazor’s component model
4 Routing
5 Forms and validation—Part 1: Fundamentals
6 Forms and validation—Part 2: Beyond the basics
7 Creating more reusable components
8 Integrating with JavaScript libraries
9 Securing Blazor applications
10 Managing state
11 Testing your Blazor application
Chris Sainty has been a part of the Blazor community since before its first experimental preview. He was one of the first Blazor bloggers, an active open source developer, and a Microsoft MVP.
Product Details ISBN: 9781617298646
ISBN-10: 1617298646
Publisher: Manning
Publication Date: July 5th, 2022
Pages: 380
Language: English