Lost and Found by Louis Eby


CIA agents bring smarts, curiosity, courage and confidence to the job every day, but never doubt that they harbor their own insecurities and foibles.

Book two follows Colonel John Watts as he overcomes his while he undertakes four different journeys that involve what was lost and must be found. He travels across the US, Europe, the Middle East and Asia recovering what his government has lost. His misadventures are roiled with truth and lies as tough to untangle as his feelings for his fellow agent, Joyce Rosie. Complications from Book 1 are brought closer to resolution in the spy world, at work, and in their relationship.

Right alongside John Watts, the story’s unexpected turns and satisfying developments let us learn about historical events and the surprises the real world offers us.

Louis Eby is a proud United States Coast Guard veteran, living with his wife Jo in Columbia, Maryland. He’s still a Redskins fan even by another team name . He still loves boating, even if he sold his boat this year. He remembers all his past dogs, and welcomes Petey, a new family member, to his long list of dogs he’s loved.

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