Foundational Falsehoods of Creationism (Paperback)

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Foundational Falsehoods of Creationism (Paperback)


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Religious fundamentalists and biblical literalists present any number of arguments that attempt to disprove evolution. Those with a sympathetic ear often fail to critically examine these creationist claims, leading to an ill-informed public and, perhaps more troubling, ill-advised public policy. As Aron Ra makes clear, however, every single argument deployed by creationists in their attacks on evolution is founded on fundamental scientific, religious, and historical falsehoods–all of them. Among their most popular claims is that evolution is a religion, that there are no transitional species, that there are no beneficial mutations, and that supposedly sacred scripture is the infallible word of God. Yet, as the evidence and data plainly show, each of these claims is demonstrably and unequivocally false. There is simply no truth to creationism whatsoever, and the entire enterprise rests on a foundation of falsehoods. This book explains and exposes the worst of these lies, and should be read by all who honestly care about following the evidence no matter where it might lead in pursuit of the truth.
Aron Ra is a science educator, secular activist, debater, and public speaker. He cohosts the Ra-Men podcast and writes at Reason Advocates on the Patheos network. He is the former Texas state director of American Atheists and current president of Atheist Alliance of America. He is also heading the Phylogeny Explorer Project, an effort to render the entire evolutionary tree of life as a navigable online encyclopedia. He is best known for his popular video series exposing the foundational falsehoods of creationism.
Product Details ISBN: 9781634310789
ISBN-10: 1634310780
Publisher: Pitchstone Publishing
Publication Date: November 1st, 2016
Pages: 440
Language: English
"This book demonstrates once again that Aron Ra is a master of eloquence, and of cutting to the chase with precision. This is an enjoyable read even for the well informed. But we often forget how embarrassingly uninformed biblical literalists are. This delightfully written takedown will educate and embarrass them all over again." — Richard Carrier, Ph.D., author, On the Historicity of Jesus

“Diogenes, you can retire now! Aron Ra, a remarkable figure in many ways, is an indefatigable opponent of hokum, whether religious or pseudoscientific in nature . . . . In this book Aron trains his analytical guns on ‘scientific’ creationism. Do you think this is a matter of beating a dead Eohippus? It is not, because pseudoscience and superstition never sleep, and their proponents never tire of seeking (and gaining!) government support to turn back the clock and to cripple science education precisely at the time our great country can least afford such charlatanism.” —Robert M. Price, co-author, Evolving out of Eden

"The seemingly unquenchable popularity of the so-called 'paranormal' has long been a puzzle, both to me and to my good friend Aron Ra. However, Aron’s much more important and more specific interest in preoccupation with woo-woo is bifold: religion & creationism — to the study of which he has given much thought and concern. His book Foundational Falsehoods of Creationism brings to our stunned attention the farcical, juvenile, pseudoscientific claims with which so many cultures, worldwide, have occupied themselves for centuries, and to which they have so willingly surrendered on their way to the abattoir. . . Aron’s rage — along with his concern — is very evident as he takes his reader step-by-step along the bumpy road he has researched and probed to illustrate just how juvenile that a belief in angels, heaven — and hell, eternal life, promised rewards and penalties, can be unless we wake up and see the Earth upon which we live as a home that doesn’t need abject nonsense to make it wondrous and exciting. Those who choose to believe that the fossil record can be disregarded, that humans were designed and manufactured 'as is' and just 'happened,' who surrender on their knees to ghosts that just aren’t there, should settle down and read Aron Ra very carefully and should seriously think — that’s the word! — about what he’s written." —James Randi, author, An Encyclopedia of Claims, Frauds, and Hoaxes of the Occult and Supernatural