The Anatomy Collection for Kids Box Set: Nature, Farm, and Ocean Collection (Anatomy Activities for Kids) (Paperback)

The Anatomy Collection for Kids Box Set: Nature, Farm, and Ocean Collection (Anatomy Activities for Kids) By Rockridge Press Cover Image

The Anatomy Collection for Kids Box Set: Nature, Farm, and Ocean Collection (Anatomy Activities for Kids) (Paperback)


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Help kids think like a scientist and act like an explorer

One of the best ways to learn anything is hands on. This collection of nature books for kids ages 8 to 12 gives budding explorers a chance to examine their world through experiments and hands-on activities. It's filled with fascinating science facts that help curious kids learn all about the layers of earth's crust, how farms impact our daily lives, why the ocean is salty, and much more!

Educational and entertaining, this box set includes:
  • Nature Anatomy Activities for Kids—Learn to make clouds, build a sundial, create a 3D model of Earth, and more with the activities inside this vibrant book all about nature.
  • Farm Anatomy Activities for Kids—Discover how farms work, the plants and animals you can find there, and even try your hand at different farming activities, like growing crops or creating a bee house.
  • Ocean Anatomy Activities for Kids—Dive into the depths to learn how the different parts of the ocean work together, discover why fish float, and experiment with creating your own mini currents.

Kids will ask questions, test ideas, write down discoveries, and examine the natural world with this illustrated collection of nature books for kids.
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Product Details ISBN: 9781638788713
ISBN-10: 1638788715
Publisher: Rockridge Press
Publication Date: October 19th, 2021
Language: English
Series: Anatomy Activities for Kids
"Nature Anatomy Activities for Kids is the first book I've seen to invite kids (and their adults!) to engage and learn in nature journaling, beautiful writing, engaging charts made with beautiful artwork, and hands-on projects! Filled with colorful art and writing opportunities, each page invites the reader to go a little deeper into the page, then look up to explore a little deeper into nature herself." —Amy Rene Newman, Community Herbalist, Nutritionist, and Creative Mentor at Modern Folk Mama

"Farm Anatomy Activities for Kids provides an excellent overview of American agriculture on a level appropriate and understandable for elementary-age children. The activities are well-described and use materials that are readily and economically available. This book could be used in a variety of settings such as classrooms, after-school programs, club programs, and individual families." —Sue Hoffman, Nevada Agricultural Foundation executive director

"Ocean Anatomy Activities for Kids delivers a comprehensive foundation of hands-on lessons in oceanography for young learners. The activities in this book will foster a love of learning about our ocean planet." —Meredith McCurdy, PhD, director of Brilliant Minds Montessori