Memoirs of the Lower Ohio Valley, Personal and Genealogical. Volume #2 (Paperback)

Memoirs of the Lower Ohio Valley, Personal and Genealogical. Volume #2 By Federal Publishing Company Cover Image

Memoirs of the Lower Ohio Valley, Personal and Genealogical. Volume #2 (Paperback)


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By: Federal Publishing Company, Pub. 1905, Reprinted 2022. 400 pages, Index, soft cover, ISBN #978-1-63914-078-7.

This book contains nothing but biographies' of person from the following counties of KENTUCKY: Boone, Gallatin, Grant, Owen, Henry, Trimble, Oldham, Jefferson, Shelby, Spencer, Bullitt, Hardin, Meade, Breckenridge, Hancock, Ohio, Daviess, Henderson, Hopkins, Muhlenberg, Livingston, Union, Caldwell, McCracken, Hickman, Graves, and Calloway; counties of INDIANA: Dearborn, Ohio, Ripley, Switzerland, Jefferson, Jennings, Clark, Scott, Washington, Floyd, Harrison, Crawford, Orange, Perry, Dubois, Spencer, Pike, Gibson, Posey, Warrick, and Vanderburgh; counties of ILLINOIS: Alexander, Gallatin, Hardin, Johnson, Massac, Pope, Pulaski, Saline, and Union. These biographies' will include such things as: birthplace and date, occupation, education, military service, land holdings, name and birth date of wife, date and place of marriage, names of children and birthdates, marriages of children, names and dates of death of parents and their former residence, names of biographies' siblings and other items of interest. Names of biographies': Ackerman, Allen, Anderson, Austin, Baker, Barger, Barret (3), Barrett, Barter, Bean (2), Beck, Becker, Bennett (3), Berry, Bethel, Bingham, Bishop (3), Blackard (2), Blue, Boaz, Bocksterge, Boetticher, Bondurant, Book, Bossie, Bowling (2), Bozarth, Bradley, Brashear, Bruce, Bucher, Buckman (3), Buder, Bush (2), Butler, Butsch, Caldwell, Callicott, Cambron (2), Carroll, Cassidy, Caulton, Champion, Chapman, Charles, Clark, Clarke, Clements (3), Clopton, Coffman, Colbert, Combs, Compton, Connor, Cook (2), Cooley, Cothron, Covert, Cowper (2), Crabb, Craney, Crenshaw, Cruz, Cunningham, Davenport, Davis (2), Denby, Devous, Dewey (2), Dillard, Dixon, Dorroh, Dorsey, Douglas, Downen, Drury, Dunn, Dyer, Edwards (2), Ehs, Emig, Ensle, Esslinger, Evans (2), Farnsworth, Feith, Ferrill, Feuchter, Fitzgerald, Foster (2), Fraser, Galligan, Garnett, Gilbert (3), Gillen, Glasscock, Goad, Gordon, Graham, Grassham (3), Greaney (2), Green, Gregg (2), Gregory, Griggs, Grumley, Gwaltney, Hale, Hales, Hall, Halliday (5), Harrelson, Harrington, Harris, Harth, Hastings, Haynes, Heeger, Heilman, Hemenway, Hendrick, Henson, Herbert, Hercules, Hessian, Heyns, Hick, Hickman, Hite (2), Hodges, Hogan, Hollandi, Houston, Hovey, Howell (2), Humphrey, Huston, Inman, Jennelle, Jourdan, Karges, Keaton, Kellenaers (2), Kimmel, King, Kinsall, Kleymeyer, Kluge, Koepke, Kratz, Lambert, Lancaster, Landram, Langan, Lansden, Lasher, Lawler, Lilly, Lindle, Little, Logsden, Logsdon (2), Lowery, Lutz, McBane, McCue, McCurdy, McFarland, McKeaig, McKernan, McKnight, Magner, Markwell, Marstall, Martin, Mattingly (2), Mayer, Menzies, Merritt, Miller, Mills, Mitchell (2), Moore, Morlock, Moss, Naas, Neal, Nellis, Noggle (2), Nunn (2), Ogden, O'Rourke, Orr, Overby, Parker, Pendleton, Penn, Phillips, Pierce, Pike, Pittman, Powell (2), Pride, Quick, Ragon, Rankin, Reed (2), Reid, Rennie, Rheinlander, Rice, Richards, Richeson, Riggie, Rittenhouse, Roberts, Robinett (2), Robinson, Roche, Roney, Rosencrans, Rudd, Rudolph, Sanks, Sanders (2), Satterley, Schatz, Sellers (2), Siddall, Siebman, Sihler, Smith (2), Soaper, Sonntag, Stacey, Stanley, Steagala, Stephens, Stevens, Stiles, Strickland, Strong, Stuart, Sturgis, Sullivan, Sutherland, Tadlock, Taylor (2), Teare, Thomas, Threlkeld, Towles, Turner (2), Twitchell, Tyner, Veach, Walker, Waller (2), Walsh, Walters, Warner, Wathen, Watson, Wenger, Whitehead, Whitledge, Willis, Wilson (5), Winston (2), Winter, Wisehart, Wiseheart, Wolflin, Wood, Woodford, Woolfe, Worthington, Yearwood, Yewell, Young, Zabler, Zirkelbach, and Zutt.

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