Soltaic (Paperback)

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Soltaic (Paperback)


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Soltaic is a YA action/adventure story about a super powered teenager Harper, affected by her mother’s legacy as a former hero, written and illustrated by Topher Williams, published by Scout Comics’ imprint Scoot.

Lexa Harris comes from a powerful family and has many secrets. One of which is her past as former hero Elysium. Her teenage daughter Harper has secrets of her own, as she has now inherited her mother’s abilities. Living in a world where hero work is outlawed, and Extraordinaries are prohibited from procreating, the two women work to keep their gifts hidden from the world, and each other.

The story takes place in a world where a super powered police force known as The Knights of Tempus have replaced super heroes and the governments are controlled by five powerful families.

As Harper trains in secret to control her powers, Lexa is forced out of retirement. Enemies from her past have returned to bring Lexa into a fight that she no longer wants anything to do with. A fight that will soon become Harper’s, shaping her into a hero for the new generation.
Author/Illustrator of Soltaic (Scout comics) and Consecutive L’s (Webtoon).
Product Details ISBN: 9781639691647
ISBN-10: 1639691642
Publisher: Scoot Comics
Publication Date: December 31st, 2030
Pages: 120
Language: English
"While the plot is straightforward, the way it is presented is well thought out and masterfully done."
— Christopher Rondeau