Toby and the Man: A Young Boy's Personal Relationship with Jesus, the Christ (Paperback)

Toby and the Man: A Young Boy's Personal Relationship with Jesus, the Christ By F. Daniel McClure Cover Image

Toby and the Man: A Young Boy's Personal Relationship with Jesus, the Christ (Paperback)


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Toby's having a bad day. Since his dad died in an auto accident, it seems that he's having more bad days than good. This particular day has been the worst. His mom has to work on Sundays, so Toby walks to Sunday School and church by himself. And today it's raining. And he's late. And his "good shoes" hurt his feet. Finally, in his rush to get there on time, he forgets his umbrella. His already foul little mood gets worse and worse as he gets into trouble in Sunday School and has to sit in the hall. The Sunday School lesson is about having a personal relationship with Jesus, a subject which has always confused and frustrated Toby. He has no idea what this really means, and at this point he's not even so sure he would want such a relationship.

Then comes the icing on the cake, as Toby realizes that in his haste this morning he also forgot his work clothes, the clothes he needs for his regular Sunday afternoon mission work. Overcome by frustration, he picks up a rock and just blindly gives it a fling. Well, you guessed it. Crash Right through the picture window of the meanest old woman on the block That's it. Toby's had enough. He's going home. With his head down against the driving rain he's running full-steam across the church playground when Wham , he runs right into the metal post that holds the basketball net.

He comes to in a strange desert land. Instead of his Sunday outfit he finds himself wearing some sort of tunic. His good shoes are gone, replaced by leather thong sandals. As Toby desperately tries to figure out where he is and what has happened to him, he spies a figure in the distance, walking toward him. As the man passes by, he quietly says "Hello, Toby", and then, over his shoulder he simply says "Follow me".

Join Toby on a magical and heart-warming journey through first century Palestine as he indeed finds himself in a personal relationship with Jesus, the Christ. Important figures from the New Testament, including Jesus, the twelve Apostles, and others come to life in these pages as Toby experiences first-hand the wonders of Jesus's earthly ministry and the transformational power of God's love.

Product Details ISBN: 9781642990584
ISBN-10: 1642990582
Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc
Publication Date: May 29th, 2018
Pages: 198
Language: English