America's Favorite Past Time: Baseball Stories (Paperback)

America's Favorite Past Time: Baseball Stories By Dan Barrus Cover Image

America's Favorite Past Time: Baseball Stories (Paperback)


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Did Abner Doubleday or Al Spalding or someone in earlier days invent 'BASEBALL'? It really doesn't matter, does it? ­ e really important fact is that the game of baseball was invented in the 1800's. ­ e game has captivated boys, men, women and girls ever since.

How a pitcher can get a baseball to dance as it crosses home plate or how a batter can manipulate a bat to strike that same baseball traveling at 90 mph has become legend. Ted Williams has been quoted in saying, "Hitting a baseball is the hardest thing to do in Sports." Thousands upon thousands of dollars are spent watching, coaching, analyzing, and performing that one task.

­ The game of baseball is most definitely a team sport. It takes nine talented players to perfect the in's and out's of this widely viewed athletic event. ­ e nine players each in turn must swing a bat and compete against a seasoned artist expertly trying to get that ball past his bat. Twenty seven chances to win with twenty seven outs spelling the difference. ­This is America's Favorite Past Time.

In this book, I relate personal experiences from my youth through my adult years which are all hinged around the sport of Baseball. Stories from my bat-boy days to pitching in AAA ball. I have played the game in dozens of cities in the United States as well as in many different countries. My experiences are not that unusual from those performed by others. A deep sense of satisfaction and comradery has developed while I have competed. ­ ese stories are true and are very similar to experiences possessed by a vast throng of athletes all over the world. Sit back and reminisce about your days playing sandlot ball with good friends and family. Or having made it to the Big Leagues and relishing the smell of the ball park. ­ e legends of the game are there for everyone to enjoy. Take a step back in time with me within the pages of this bound road trip.

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