Faith's Stress Rehearsal: Feeling Stressed & Learning Balance (Hardcover)

Faith's Stress Rehearsal: Feeling Stressed & Learning Balance By Sophia Day, Megan Johnson, Stephanie Strouse (Illustrator) Cover Image

Faith's Stress Rehearsal: Feeling Stressed & Learning Balance (Hardcover)


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Faith is always full of energy and loves to say yes to new opportunities, but she's setting herself up for a disaster Over- committed and stressed out, Faith must learn to prioritize, delegate, and practice self-care. Will she be able to manage the demands without breaking her commitments? Can you? Understand stress and learn to balance work and rest with our MVP Kids.

Faith and her best friend Olivia are excited to be in the drama club's spring play Faith has landed the lead role and eagerly signed up to help with every opportunity from set building to collecting costume pieces and props. Faith soon discovers that being involved in too many extra commitments is overwhelming She rarely has time to be a kid, spend time with her friends, or do the things that make her feel relaxed and happy. Bad dreams, poor sleep, and habits of nail biting and hair twirling all point to the fact that Faith is stressed out Her mom explains the skills of delegating, prioritizing, and organizing her tasks, and friends and family show support by offering their own time to help her complete her commitments. A bit of mindfulness and self-care recharge her for the busiest days, and she learns the value of balancing work with rest.

This book showcases diversity in positive ways with characters that span various cultures, ethnicities, family situations, physical challenges and more. Readers of all backgrounds will see themselves in these pages while learning to value the diversity within their own community and being exposed to differences from around the world. This title includes a trans-racial foster adoptive family.

About the Help Me Understand series
The Help Me Understand series provides elementary children with tools to identify, understand, and responsibly manage difficult emotions. Each book follows the life of one of our sixteen diverse MVP Kids and contains a discussion guide with further insight and reflection questions related to the book's content. Themes include children overcoming and managing anger, anxiety, insecurity, boredom, arrogance, and more. Through difficult challenges, the MVP Kids learn to make the right choices in the midst of big feelings.

About MVP Kids
Families with a diverse range of cultural and ethnic backgrounds drive the inspiration for child education and social emotional learning. MVP Kids enables real-world kids to address the challenges in their lives through story-based character lessons where the kids interact at school, in social situations, and in their communities. MVP Kids board books enrich preschool readers while hardcovers and paperbacks focus on school-aged children. Each MVP Kids book includes extensive coaching information for parents and educators that promotes character education, wise decision-making skills, and social and emotional learning.

In our products for children, families, and caregivers, Sophia Day interacts with children through a recipe of entertainment, expanded education, and inviting illustrations. Sophia Day promotes healthy mentoring relationships by providing opportunities for parents and teachers to personally relate with their children. Sophia Day's goal is to captivate kids of all ages with purposeful entertainment while supporting parents, caregivers, educators, coaches, and counselors to prepare kids to become Real MVPs, living responsible and meaningful lives. Become lifetime friends with our MVP Kids as they grow up with your kids in Sophia's multiple series for preschool, elementary, and teenage years. Megan Johnson is the MVP Kids Writing Director and the author of many of our MVP Kids book series. Megan has a BA in Education with additional studies in linguistics and counseling. As a homeschooling mom to five children, including special needs and adoptions, Megan seeks to provide families with accessible tools to build a caring, inclusive community. Megan and her family love living in sunny Arizona. Stephanie Strouse is MVP Kids Creative Director and the illustrator for many of our Real MVP Kids books. Stephanie received a BA in Visual Communications Design from Virginia Tech, developing a passion for communicating through illustration and color. Stephanie loves seeing real life versions of the MVP Kids out and about in real life, reinforcing her desire to make a lasting impact in children's lives through her creative works. Stephanie currently resides in Ohio. For more on Sophia, Megan and Stephanie, visit
Product Details ISBN: 9781645169789
ISBN-10: 1645169782
Publisher: MVP Kids
Publication Date: September 14th, 2020
Pages: 64
Language: English