Afterlife of Animals: A Guide to Healing from Loss and Communicating with Your Beloved Pet (Paperback)

Afterlife of Animals: A Guide to Healing from Loss and Communicating with Your Beloved Pet By Candi Cane Cooper Cover Image

Afterlife of Animals: A Guide to Healing from Loss and Communicating with Your Beloved Pet (Paperback)


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Connect with and honor your animal companion with this gentle guide to the other side

Losing a pet can be one of the hardest things you'll deal with. Although your companion may be physically gone, their presence is still with you every day. This exploration of pets and the afterlife is your resource for compassionate grieving and building a connection to your beloved pet even after they've crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Find tools to help you process the complex emotions of your loss and understand that however you're feeling is normal. Learn to read and interpret the different ways that your pet might be communicating with you from beyond, and find advice on how you can reach out to and honor their spirit and presence every day.

Get help grieving the loss of a pet with guidance that includes:
  • Animals of every shape and size—No matter what kind of companion you're missing, there's advice, healing, and guidance for you.
  • Afterlife remembrance—Learn tactics that can help you value and cherish your sweet animal with little daily rituals.
  • Rainbow Bridge FAQs—Find answers to all sorts of questions about what happens to our pets once they move on.

Find comfort from your wonderful pet even after they've passed on.
Candi Cane Cooper is an internationally acclaimed animal communicator who has been helping animals and humans all over the planet to coexist in harmony. A native Californian, born and raised in West Hollywood, Candi currently resides in the San Fernando Valley with her two-legged life partner and all their beloved animals.
Product Details ISBN: 9781647391867
ISBN-10: 1647391865
Publisher: Rockridge Press
Publication Date: June 23rd, 2020
Pages: 140
Language: English
“This book beautifully answers the question of animal guardians everywhere: ‘What happens to my beloved companion when they die?’ Candi’s insight and dedication to her clients (human and nonhuman) is evident in her caring and comforting approach to her work, and in the wealth of information and support she provides in this engagingly written soon-to-be-bestseller.” —Kathy Lange, MS PhDc, Cofounder of Saving Grace Animal Sanctuary

“I highly recommend this book for anyone who has a pet that has already traveled, or soon will travel, ‘across the rainbow bridge.’ Having facilitated thousands of crossings, I believe Candi's translations of our pets' thoughts and feelings make the journey much smoother for ourselves and our pets.” —David Robertson, DVM

“If you have ever had to deal with the loss of a pet, this book will help guide you through the mourning. You will learn about how your pets communicate with you—even in the afterlife. Candi Cane gets candid about her fascinating experiences as an animal medium, and it's truly great read!” —WeiWei, Recording Artist,

“This is a very special book written by a very special woman. Candi has been talking with animals since she was three years old, and her communication is priceless. Candi's book will open your eyes to how truly amazing animals are—anyone who loves and cares for animals will feel their hearts open up. You can be sure that reading this book will pave the way to a closer, warmer, and a more intimate connection with the animal that so willingly offers unconditional and undying love.” —Lisa Edwards, CEO of

“This book ran me through so many emotions, but it brought me to comfort and compassion to the sacred relationship among interspecies. I've worked with Candi and understand how incredibly loving and serving she is to both animals and humans. It was quite a literary journey to learn the inner workings of how she's able to solve so many challenges of communication, processing, and healing. This is a manual for anyone who loves animals.” —Dr. Varshini Soobiah