Houseplants for Beginners: A Practical Guide to Choosing, Growing, and Helping Your Plants Thrive (Paperback)

Houseplants for Beginners: A Practical Guide to Choosing, Growing, and Helping Your Plants Thrive By Rebecca De La Paz Cover Image

Houseplants for Beginners: A Practical Guide to Choosing, Growing, and Helping Your Plants Thrive (Paperback)


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Become the best houseplant parent you can be with beginner-friendly tips and tools

Houseplants are a great way to decorate, ease stress, and stay connected with nature when you’re indoors. If you’re looking to grow your collection and need some advice, Houseplants for Beginners has all the information you’ll need to successfully care for your plants and help them thrive.

Learn how to shop for and repot houseplants, choose the best place in your home for them, and address a variety of challenges like pests and diseases. With 120 common houseplant profiles grouped from low maintenance to high maintenance, you can familiarize yourself with individual plant needs and choose the best ones for your lifestyle.
  • The perks of houseplants—Explore a brief history of houseplants and the benefits of bringing nature inside, including relieving stress and inviting more creativity and happiness into your life.
  • Plant wisdom—Find key insights to set you up for success as you begin your houseplant adventure, from propagation techniques to safety suggestions.
  • Troubleshooting tips—Get straightforward advice for solving seemingly difficult houseplant problems.

Fill your home with flourishing houseplants with help from this essential guide for beginners.
REBECCA DE LA PAZ is a plant enthusiast and collector from the desert southwest. Through extensive research, observation, and trial and error, she has developed a keen sense for what plants need. She shares her knowledge on her YouTube channel, Becca DeLaPlants, and her website, Find her on Instagram @delaplants.
Product Details ISBN: 9781647398507
ISBN-10: 1647398509
Publisher: Rockridge Press
Publication Date: March 9th, 2021
Pages: 204
Language: English
“Becca gives you all of the technical and emotional advice to ignite a passion for houseplants. Becca has assembled and diffused just the right amount of information to propel the reader into a lifelong obsession ultimately uniting the reader with the bond of nature in their home. Her sensitivity to what plants are appropriate for ease of maintenance, location in the house, and appropriateness for pets will ensure a positive, successful experience.” —Jeff Oberhaus, botanist and owner of Vintage Hill Garden Center

“Becca leads readers through every step of plant parenthood—from entering the nursery to assessing your space to actually potting up your plants—with easy-to-read, non-intimidating and practical tips and advice! This is a great choice for any beginner plant parent looking to grow their indoor jungles!” —Maria Failla, host of the Bloom and Grow Radio podcast and Youtube show

“Whether you’re a new plant dad or an experienced plant mom, Rebecca De La Paz has put together a beautiful guide to plant parenthood. With an easy-to-navigate format, Houseplants for Beginners can be referenced whenever you have quick questions or about common issues or specific plants. I really appreciate the pet-friendly notes and tips.” —Shota Austin, soil designer and producer, Shota Tank’s Green Stuff

“With interest in houseplants at an all-time high, more people than ever are searching for information on how to properly care for their plants. Houseplants for Beginners is an excellent guide to everything from selecting plants and introducing them into your home environment to keeping them healthy and troubleshooting problems. There’s even a separate section that contains individual plant profiles on more than 100 popular houseplants! Becca has written a book that can be a useful tool in developing your green thumb, and your plants will love you for reading it!” —Gretchen Mason, @greenhousegirl94