The First Immortals (Paperback)

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The First Immortals (Paperback)


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If you believe the world is getting crazier and sicker by the minute, and that something has to change radically, then you will enjoy The First Immortals, the second book in the series, There Are no Mirrors in Heaven. This book revolves around the idea that we are living in a computer-like simulation, running off a ternary operating system. Using a trinary quantum program instead of a binary digital one lets us compare our ancient religious beliefs in a trinity god with our modern understanding of physics, uniting the two. This agreement gives us insight into how we might get ourselves out of this mess - by implementing a consciousness revolution to return us (finally) into harmony with Nature. But be warned ... the narrative takes no prisoners and treads on a few sacred toes along the way.

There Are no Mirrors in Heaven encompasses physical theorists' concept of the Simulation Hypothesis, which claims it is likely we are all living in a virtual reality. The books disclose one man's vision of how this idea lets us make sense out of everything, and how we can harness it to wake up to ourselves, repair the Earth, and go forwards.

Product Details ISBN: 9781648717598
ISBN-10: 1648717594
Publisher: Quick Fox Publishing
Publication Date: June 1st, 2022
Pages: 338
Language: English