Anathema: The Eagle's Curse: Falling to Hellhole's Gates (Hardcover)

Anathema: The Eagle's Curse: Falling to Hellhole's Gates By Sherman A. Jones Cover Image

Anathema: The Eagle's Curse: Falling to Hellhole's Gates (Hardcover)


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New America, during and after the Revolutionary War, attempts recovery and stability. First, there was the curse in decline as to everything, which demanded double duty over an unknown period. Nonetheless, America-- as the symbolic Eagle-- risked too many destructive flights, errored falling from grace-- no longer soaring as a beacon of glory. The suffering is of the whole (the head, the wings, and the body) as the Eagle falls to a place for recovery-- call it purgatory, if you wish.

The Eagle suffered injuries before, even to the loss of tail feathers, but remained dominant. The metaphorical Eagle (head, wings, tail, and body) is the United States of America's constitutional federal democratic republic, struggling as a democracy plummets to a place near the entrance of 'Hades' gates.

The Constitution's basic tenants gave provision for the opposition of tyranny, but, inside, the Eagle blinked and hit an unmovable mountain, injuring her being. "The Eagle's Curse nearing 'Hades' gates" is a buy for some time in her healing process. Many nations have died; sent 'Hades' under the killing death sentence of tyrants. The usurp of absolute authority unrestrained, by law or Constitution, is the injury of the Eagle sending her falling to hellhole's gates with the Eagle attempting to fly all over again in dominance

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Publication Date: June 12th, 2020
Pages: 212
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