I Can Wash My Hands (Paperback)

I Can Wash My Hands By Sophia Day, Celestte Dills, Timothy Zowada (Illustrator) Cover Image

I Can Wash My Hands (Paperback)


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Discover strategies to help children stay safe and healthy by washing away germs. Children will learn how to wash their hands and see examples of when they should wash their hands.

Aanya and her pet cat, Neela, discover that their daily activities can leave hands sticky, dirty, or covered in germs. Aanya learns four simple steps to getting her hands clean:

  1. Wet my hands
  2. Use soap and scrub for 20 seconds.
  3. Rinse my hands.
  4. Dry my hands.

This story shows handwashing in home and public restrooms with liquid and solid soaps to demonstrate what handwashing might look like in different environments. I Can Wash My Hands includes activities and strategies which teach the importance of cleanliness, handwashing and helping children practice handwashing procedures.

This book showcases diversity in positive ways with characters that span various cultures, ethnicities, family situations, physical challenges and more. Readers of all backgrounds will see themselves in these pages while learning to value the diversity within their own community and being exposed to differences from around the world.

About the I Can Be an MVP series
The I Can Be an MVP series paperback books help children ages 2-6 practice social-emotional skills and self-help routines. These short stories are designed with simple, memorable scripts and illustrations focused on a singular behavior or process. Children will feel empowered as they begin to understand how to navigate new or unfamiliar situations or learn a new pattern of behavior. Each title includes teaching tips and practice strategies.

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In our products for children, families, and caregivers, Sophia Day interacts with children through a recipe of entertainment, expanded education, and inviting illustrations. Sophia Day promotes healthy mentoring relationships by providing opportunities for parents and teachers to personally relate with their children. Sophia Day's goal is to captivate kids of all ages with purposeful entertainment while supporting parents, caregivers, educators, coaches, and counselors to prepare kids to become Real MVPs, living responsible and meaningful lives. Become lifetime friends with our MVP Kids as they grow up with your kids in Sophia's multiple series for preschool, elementary, and teenage years. Celestte Dills, M.A.Ed. worked in education as a teacher, administrator, curriculum developer, and consultant on inclusive best-practices for over 30 years. She is passionate about providing children with a strong foundation of social-emotional skills and is the author of the Instill Social and Emotional Learning Curriculum. Celestte and her family live in a cabin in the North Georgia mountains. She is mom to three grown children and GiGi to one granddaughter. Timothy Zowada is the illustrator for many of our Real MVP Kids books. Tim has an Associates Degree in Fine Arts and has spent much of his life personally working with children. MVP Kids provides Tim with the opportunity to use his skill as an artist to help kids learn and grow into responsible and mature adults. Tim currently resides in Arizona. For more on Sophia, Celestte and Timothy, visit www.MVPkids.com.
Product Details ISBN: 9781649999863
ISBN-10: 1649999860
Publisher: MVP Kids
Publication Date: March 15th, 2021
Pages: 32
Language: English