Tiny House Living: Living Big in a Small Mortgage Free Home (Paperback)

Tiny House Living: Living Big in a Small Mortgage Free Home By Elizabeth Jenkins Cover Image

Tiny House Living: Living Big in a Small Mortgage Free Home (Paperback)


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Build Yourself a Mini, Eco-friendly Paradise with This Guide on Tiny House Living

Do you want to own a home but the prices on the housing market are giving you nightmares?

Or you simply want to have a vacation home or a cottage to retreat to, but can't afford one?

Does the idea of never having to pay utility, rent or mortgage bills ever again sound like a dream come true?

Welcome to the world of Tiny Houses, an innovative living solution for those who don't want to live their lives in debt to own a home What started as a practical way to shelter people after natural disasters became a world popular housing trend, with millions praising the benefits of living in a small but fully equipped, highly functional house.

But the so-called "downsizing movement" is not just about financials and practicalities. Small, sustainable homes are more environment-friendly than traditional ones, and so much easier to maintain. Additionally, reducing your material possessions and de-cluttering will give you an incredible sense of freedom.

So if you want to join this ever-expanding club of happy, debt-free house owners, this book will guide you on the path to your own, tiny piece of heaven on Earth

Here's what you'll learn:

  • The numerous benefits of having a tiny house, from both economical and spiritual aspects
  • The legal issues concerning this type of housing, what steps you'll need to take, and common mistakes to avoid
  • Everything about designing a tiny house to fit your needs, from having a big family to including office space
  • How to prepare and downsize your current possessions to transit effortlessly to this type of housing
  • All there is to know about financing your new home - how much money will it cost initially, and how much to maintain it
  • A bunch of different designs and styles for tiny homes to inspire you and spark your creativity
  • How to build a tiny home with your own hands by following a detailed, step-by-step guide
  • And much more

If you've been living in a medium or big space, you might be worried that a tiny house will feel crammed and be inefficient. This book will dissuade those notions with ease. Happy owners of tiny homes testify that they've never felt freer, and have enough space for everything, including special rooms such as libraries, offices, gyms, and pantries.

Stop following the housing market's rules, free yourself of crazy mortgages and debts and build your own tiny home

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Product Details ISBN: 9781656569387
ISBN-10: 1656569388
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: January 7th, 2020
Pages: 168
Language: English