Princess: A Cholmonco StoryTeller Book (Paperback)

Princess: A Cholmonco StoryTeller Book By Gregory Cholmondeley Cover Image

Princess: A Cholmonco StoryTeller Book (Paperback)


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Edlin, a girl, nicknamed Princess by her family, is a sweet, kind, and somewhat awkward thirteen-year-old. She is out-going among her friends but nervous and shy around strangers. Princess' family lives in a small, rural village in southwest England, or Wessex as it was then known. Her people are trying to survive starvation, marauding wolves, and extermination from something bent on killing them all.

That changes in March, 694 when they rescue a stranger named Cynegils. His presence disrupts their lives as he slowly heals and they fall in love. By summer, he is strong enough to leave, and Princess must embark upon two journeys. One is to the ruined castle which they fled seven years ago to discover why the villagers must always remain hidden from the world. The second is to return Cynegils to his people and to ensure that their small community remains secret.

These are the first times Princess has ever left their small, hidden valley and the journeys are arduous with threats of wild animals and highwaymen. The greatest dangers, however, lie in their destinations. Princess must decide whether to follow her heart and leave with Cynegils or to return to seclusion with her family, but none of them may survive the summer.

In the end, the fate of twenty refugees depends upon the strength, courage, and untapped capabilities of a young woman who must confront powerful adversaries to save her people.


Scan the printed Quick Response Codes (QR Codes) at the start of each chapter with your smartphone to listen to the author speak the words while you read the story. Online links to streaming audio provide a fun way to further enjoy the book:

  • Engage reluctant readers: Supplemental audio can make reading fun for anyone
  • Assist struggling readers: Listening while reading helps associate written and spoken words, while keeping the story moving
  • Improve comprehension: Immersive reading simultaneously engages both visual and audio brain centers to draw readers further into the story
  • Take a break: Avid readers will enjoy the option to rest their eyes or prepare lunch without pausing the tale
Product Details ISBN: 9781688383906
ISBN-10: 1688383905
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: August 31st, 2019
Pages: 220
Language: English