Clarissa Hedgestone and the Blood Moon (Paperback)

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This YA/Teen/Middle Grade Fantasy-Action Adventure is perfect for the readers who love Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. A classic that will delight readers - ages 10 to 100 - who love to escape to Magical Worlds. Human Fairies had been lost and forgotten until C. Jill Hefte uncovered their very existence in Fairy folklore. After reading The Clarissa Hedgestone Chronicles, you, too, will believe in Human Fairies

After the King's death, Human Fairies, exiled from Earth to another planet in the Milky Way, rage a dark war. The Pink Fairy, the most powerful sorceress in the land, foretells a heroine born in a dungeon who will bring back light into their world.

Red blood moons are rare on Earth. She was destined to be a creature of Earth long before Stonehenge was built; yet, she had just been born, on another planet, in another galaxy. The red blood moon simmered in her veins as her eyes scanned the raven-black night.

Even in her innocence, she knew the significance of the red blood moon. Her flaming aura and her pure, vital heart throbbed with promise. She could feel the Earth's connection percolating in her veins, for human fairies know the universe as a liquid black stone.

Her name is Clarissa Hedgestone and this is her story.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781732202313
ISBN-10: 1732202311
Publisher: Human Fairy Tale
Publication Date: November 26th, 2019
Pages: 418
Language: English

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