Assembling Ella (Paperback)

Assembling Ella By Emma G. Rose Cover Image

Assembling Ella (Paperback)


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Can you still have a future if you forget your past?

Senior year. For most high school students, it's something to celebrate. For Ella, it's a reminder of what she's lost. A car accident cut short the life of her brother Jack before he made it that far. Now her fear of outgrowing her big brother is putting her at odds with everyone. And it's stirring up some really terrible dreams.

No one seems to understand what Ella is going through, not her parents or her best friends, or her favorite art teacher. The only person on her side is PhiTau, and Ella doesn't even know he exists.

As a tender in the realm of the Dream Lord, PhiTau's job is to take care of Ella's dreams. But when he crosses the line from caring to meddling, he causes Ella to do what she fears most-forget.

To repair the broken pieces of Ella's memory, PhiTau will need help from two gods and the one person who knows Ella better than he does. But saving Ella's memory may require PhiTau to make the ultimate sacrifice.

Ella's story will change the way you think about grief

"Nobody wanted to hear her story. Nobody wanted to talk about her dead brother, or her refusal to take Driver's Ed, or the fact that every school day brought her one day closer to the end of senior year and the yawning black hole that was her future. Sometimes she didn't even blame them. Ella didn't want to talk about it either.

"Everyone was happier pretending it hadn't happened, that Jack had never existed...It made her angry. That's how she felt. Angry. And nobody understood. How did you sculpt anger? How could you draw it?"

The companion novel to Nothing's Ever Lost


  • Ella Pratt, Jack's sister from Nothing's Ever Lost
  • Morpheus, the Dream Lord
  • PhiTau, His helper
  • Mnemosyne, Goddess of Memory
  • Lethe, Goddess of Oblivion
  • Oliva Butler, Ella's friend
  • Owen Butler, Liv's brother
  • Ms. Beaudry, their art teacher
  • Kristen Lund, Ella's rival

Product Details ISBN: 9781733907972
ISBN-10: 1733907971
Publisher: Imperative Press
Publication Date: July 24th, 2021
Pages: 404
Language: English