How to Scan a Poem: A Poetry Witch Workbook

by Annie Finch


Poet Annie Finch shares her lifelong passion for meter and scansion with poetry lovers and poets in this uniquely useful book. From the basic tools and fundamental 3 steps of scansion to the most complex metrical delights, How to Scan a Poem covers it all: accentual poems, anapests, trochees, iambs, dactyls, and more, with sample poems you can scan right in the book and explorations of the all-important connections between meter and meaning. The art of Deep Scansion you will learn here invites you to enter the poet's own voice, mind, and inner ear in the most intimate of ways. "Scansion is widely considered to be a way of thinking-and yet it is a way of hearing, a way of feeling, a way of listening, a way of dancing. Truly, scansion is a way of living." -Annie Finch