Pizza de Luxe: Deliciously authentic recipes for the world's favourite fast food (Hardcover)

Pizza de Luxe: Deliciously authentic recipes for the world's favourite fast food By Stefano Manfredi Cover Image

Pizza de Luxe: Deliciously authentic recipes for the world's favourite fast food (Hardcover)


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There’s a new wave of pizza happening in pizza’s spiritual home and Stefano Manfredi is here to tell us exactly why we should be jumping on the trend in his latest book Pizza de Luxe. Pizza is probably the world’s most popular fast food and wherever it has gone, it has taken on the characteristics of its new home.

While Italy, and more precisely Naples, is where it all began, there’s no doubt that pizza now belongs to the world. But something exciting is happening in pizza’s spiritual home and its much like the recent movement away from industrial white bread towards artisan loaves with natural leavening and specialist flours. This movement is what Stefano Manfredi calls the ‘new wave’ of pizza which is a look back as well as a step forward. ‘New wave’ pizza-making is a movement that returns to pizza’s origins before industrial flour milling, while at the same time using modern advances in stone milling, machinery and oven technologies.

In his book Pizza de Luxe, award-winning chef Stefano Manfredi takes pizza back to its roots. He uses stoneground, unbleached, wholewheat flour and tried-and-tested methods for kneading and proving pizza dough, showing step by step how to create the healthiest, tastiest base for your pizza.  Next comes an incredible range of toppings - the classics like Margherita or seafood pizza and then a delicious range of new styles including lamb belly, ricotta and Mediterranean herbs, pickled lettuce, capers, olives and tomatoes, Roman pizza with figs, prosciutto and balsamic, the amazing Peking duck roll pizza, fried pizza with pork belly, ricotta and provola and delightfully named pillow of dreams, a chocolate indulgence dessert pizza. 

To top it off, there are features with five of Naples’ finest pizza chefs and sprinkled throughout are stunning shots of the beautiful city of Naples, the local growers and their produce. Stefano Manfredi’s Pizza de Luxe takes pizza back to what it used to be - a healthy and delicious fast food for everyone to enjoy.

Stefano Manfredi is one of leading exponents of modern Italian cuisine. In 1961 the Manfredi family arrived in Australia from Lombardy in the north of Italy. Stefano brought food and memories from the kitchen of his mother and grandmother, one of Lombardy's finest cooks, to his new home. Stefano has been an award-winning chef and restaurateur since the early 1980s, translating the flavours and recipes of his childhood into contemporary Italian food. For more than two decades he has owned and operated restaurants in Sydney. He is also an author, food writer and columnist. In 2005, Stefano Manfredi was one of a small group of celebrated Italian chefs to be included in the first English edition of the classic Italian cookbook, The Silver Spoon

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