Electric Vehicles Demystified: Setting the Record Straight (Baraka Nonfiction) (Paperback)

Electric Vehicles Demystified: Setting the Record Straight (Baraka Nonfiction) By Daniel Breton Cover Image

Electric Vehicles Demystified: Setting the Record Straight (Baraka Nonfiction) (Paperback)


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For more than a century, electric cars have been a futuristic fantasy, just like flying cars. More recently perceived as glorified golf carts, electric vehicles are now becoming an everyday reality. As EVs become more popular, all sorts of stories pop up about the problems they are said to cause and not the solutions they provide. Or about their environmental impact. Or that they can never really catch on outside of urban settings.

This book sets the record straight on what electric vehicles offer the world. Questions addressed include the environment, the economy, health, as well as the sheer pleasure of using electric vehicles. In the face of the world’s most daunting challenges, electric vehicles, from cars, trucks, buses, trains to off-road vehicles, represent a major contribution to meeting those challenges.

As enthusiasm for EVs explodes, governments, consumers and businesses alike are scrambling to get ready. Electric Vehicles Demystified explains how they can do it successfully.
Daniel Breton, a former Quebec Minister of the Environment, prepared the government’s strategy for the electrification of transportation. He has written articles and books about electric vehicles since 2004, including The Guide to Electric, Hybrid & Fuel-Efficient Cars (Simon & Schuster). He is currently President and CEO of Electric Mobility Canada, one of the world’s oldest organizations dedicated to the electrification of transportation. Daniel Breton lives near Sorel-Tracy, Québec.
Product Details ISBN: 9781771863056
ISBN-10: 1771863056
Publisher: Baraka Books
Publication Date: April 1st, 2023
Pages: 240
Language: English
Series: Baraka Nonfiction